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August 2016

Thanks to New York’s Strongest, our City’s streets are the cleanest they’ve been since December 2010!  We’ve earned the highest final Street Cleaning Scorecard since then – and some great stats:

  • All boroughs scored above 90% in June 2016 and in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • The Final June 2016 Scorecard rating is 97%. (Well, 96.9%, so we’re rounding up!)
  • 57 of our 59 districts rated cleaner in FY16 over FY15.
  • Way to go Bronx 5 for the biggest improvement – 7.7% over FY15. 
  • Kudos to Manhattan 3 with the second-biggest jump – 7.4% over FY15.
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Fresh Kills Discovery Day

Freshills Discovery Day

Fresh Kills Landfill keeps getting closer to becoming Freshkills Park!  The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation just led another Discovery Day at our long-gone dump, drawing crowds yet again.  Missed it and want to explore?  Your next chance is Sunday, September 18.

Bragging Rights

photo Stock Exchange
DSNY’s own Daniel Johnson – Supervisor of Mechanics II in the Manhattan Borough Repair Shop and Senior Chief Petty Officer in the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 27! – represented the US Navy and rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange last month.  Danny has been in the Reserves for nearly 18 years, has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan – and has been one of New York’s Strongest since 1983. Watch him ring the bell
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DSNY Family

New cousins join the Sanitation family! Brooklyn 10 Sanitation Worker Jimmy Schiano welcomed baby girl Joanne Angela (left) to the world on May 27, and her cousin Anthony Joseph arrived on July 1, joining dad and Northshore Sanitation Worker Joseph Schiano’s family.
Brooklyn North 8 Supervisor Michael Imbriale is proud dad of Michael – who just landed his first job as Brooklyn Cyclones Batboy.  Michael attends Brooklyn Technical High School and worked the Cyclones game during DSNY Night last month.

Assistant Chief of Facilities Frank Scarpaci has been named Italian American of the Year by the Columbia Association.  Plus, the organization has named Assistant Chief of Borough Operations Anthony Pasquale Honorary Marshal for the 2016 Columbus Day Parade.

A retired member of New York’s Strongest, Will Orozco, has been cheering on his son, John, a world-class gymnast who qualified to represent the United States in the Olympics. Unfortunately, a recent knee injury is unexpectedly keeping John from competing in the Rio de Janeiro games. Read about him here.

Doing Good – and Doing Well!

Commissioner Garcia recognized the borough, division and districts with the most significant reduction in vehicle collisions. Representatives from the winning teams attended a Collision Reduction Awards Ceremony at headquarters, where the Commissioner bestowed certificates of achievement and gift cards. Congratulations to all – way to go!

Collision Reduction Awards Ceremony Attendees
Bronx 11
General Superintendent Joseph Giandolfo
Supervisor Carlos Vega
Sanitation Worker Francesco Aversano
Sanitation Worker Brian Mulligan

Brooklyn North 5
Deputy Chief Harrison Gordon
Supervisor Michael McCormack
Sanitation Worker Vincent Cama
Sanitation Worker John Whitehead

Brooklyn South 15
General Superintendent Mathew Lundy
Supervisor Joseph Votto
Sanitation Worker James Correa
Sanitation Worker James Thompson

Manhattan 5
Sanitation Worker James Fertitta
Sanitation Worker Patrick Kelly
Queens East 11
General Superintendent Jorge Lembert
Supervisor Ralph Sodano
Sanitation Worker Christopher Semar
Sanitation Worker Donald Guy

Queens West Borough
Borough Operations Superintendent
Ruben Vazquez

Queens West 5
General Superintendent Robert Cavanaugh
Supervisor Joseph Frecina
Sanitation Worker Anthony Medico
Sanitation Worker Erik Samide

Staten Island 3
Supervisor Richard Carroll
Sanitation Worker Robert Casanovas
Sanitation Worker Sean McGill
In the Hopper

DSNY Night Subway Series
Yankee Stadium
8/3 @ 7PM
Click for details →

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! DSNY Day
10/23 @ 1p
Metlife Stadium
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DSNY LGBT Society in the Works!
Sanitation Worker Jonathan Zuckerberg from Queens East 7 is leading the launch. All employees welcome! Email Jonathan to help the group get started!

Walter Schlosser
Retirement Celebration

125 Worth St, Rm 810
8/16 @ 12pm
Click for details →
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On the Move

photo Barbara Zuckerman has been appointed Executive Agency Counsel and will oversee Contracts in the Bureau of Legal Affairs. Barbara has worked in the Bureau’s Contracts Unit since 2004.

photo Maggie Lee has joined DSNY as our new Records Management Officer. Over the coming months, she will be conducting a comprehensive records inventory and updating our official retention schedule. Questions about maintaining or discarding records? Email Maggie.
In Case You Missed It

DSNY Night at the Brooklyn Cyclones was a hit!
Commissioner Garcia threw the first pitch…and our home team blew away the Aberdeen IronBirds 7-2.

United Women of Sanitation Association (UWSA) honored at the Cylones Game!
Also at the Cyclones game, MCU honored members and supporters of the United Women of Sanitation Association for their hard work to highlight Women’s History Month.

Our Touch-a-Truck Program continued this month at Lexington School for the Deaf.
Good to Know
  • City employees can cut commuting costs – as much as 40% – by using pre-tax funds to cover transportation and parking expenses.  Visit WageWorks.
  • Some businesses – including hotels, food manufacturers and arenas – must now separate their organic waste from their garbage. Learn more.
  • Friendly IT reminders:  DSNY email addresses are for agency-related business; and keep your log-in secret when stepping away from your computer by pressing Control/Alt/Delete to lock it.
The Social Scene


photo Operations Management Community Coordinator Stayce Geddes passed away last month. Since joining DSNY in 2000, Stayce held numerous positions, beginning as the senior medical record librarian in the Health Care Facility. From serving as timekeeper to monitoring a multi-million dollar contract, her professionalism, friendship and comradery were an asset to OMD and the entire Department. She will be deeply missed.

photo Retired Personnel Management Division Administrative Manager Steve Kirsch has passed away. Steve was a dedicated employee who served as Executive Board Member of the Hebrew Spiritual Society. He joined DSNY in 1973, serving in multiple roles in the Bronx and at headquarters until he retired in 2011.
From the Commissioner

Kathryn Garcia

District by district, we’re leading New Yorkers to separate their food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste to create soil-enriching compost. It’s no easy task getting 8.5 million people to break lifelong habits. Each of us sees food waste – it’s impossible not to – though Manhattan 1’s Wilson Arroyo made an extra effort that will bring us a step closer to our zero-waste goals.

On S/W Arroyo's route down Lafayette Street just a few blocks away from headquarters, the New York City Rescue Mission serves more than 400 meals each day to hungry people, and they open their food pantry to struggling families. This service to New Yorkers does a lot of good, but it also generates an enormous amount of food waste – which Wilson couldn’t ignore. Outside on Worth Street, he stopped me to suggest we reach out to the group. Thanks to him and our Bureaus of Cleaning and Collection and Recycling and Sustainability, the Rescue Mission got with the program – the NYC Organics Collection Pilot Program. (Keep reading Trash Talk for updates on the Rescue Mission’s progress.)

I have no doubt that we have great ideas among New York's Strongest. That’s why we’ve created an easy way to share them. Have you thought of a better way to perform a service? See an opportunity to cut costs? Have a strategy to get DSNY closer to zero waste?  Email

DSNY does so much to keep New York City healthy, safe and clean. Thank you, Wilson – and go, team!

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