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Deposit Bottles

Recycling: Set out glass and plastic beverage bottles with your recycling.

Take-Back or Drop-Off

New York State law requires a 5-cent deposit on containers (under 1 gallon) for carbonated soft drinks, water and soda water, beer, malt beverages, and wine coolers. Dealers must refund the deposit on all containers of the same type–brand, size, shape, color, and composition–that they sell for off-premises consumption, regardless of where the container was originally purchased.
A store may refuse to return a deposit if the store doesn’t carry that type of container, or if the container:

  • Doesn’t have a proper New York refund label
  • Isn’t in reasonably good condition
  • Is broken, corroded, or crushed
  • Has anything in it besides small amounts of dirt, dust, or moisture

A store may decline to accept more than 240 containers from one person at one time and in one day. However, you may make 48-hour advance arrangements to redeem an unlimited number of empty beverage containers. Stores that are not open 24 hours a day don’t have to accept containers during the first and last half hour of their business day.

In addition, food service establishments where customers clear their own tables have to provide labeled containers for these recyclables.