Application Guidelines

Applications are accepted from NYC Public Schools grades K-12.
  • Spring 2020 Recycling Projects will receive material support, not cash grants! Please read the reference sheet below for more information.
  • Preference will be given to recycling and waste related projects
  • School must have a Green Team, or be in the process of creating one
  • Green Team must have at least five members
  • Students must have a signed photo release
  • Teacher has to submit application and be the primary contact
  • Green Teams can only be funded ONCE a school year
  • Grantees must complete Grant Agreement

Examples of projects we support include building or expanding a school garden, enhancing a school recycling program, creating school sustainability events, purchasing eco-friendly giveaway items, and providing uniforms/t-shirts for the Green Team. Projects must be completed by the end of the school year. Please plan your projects accordingly

Our grants are not for:
  • Individuals (including individual artists)
  • For-profit projects
  • Businesses (including businesses with non-profit projects)
  • Direct service or social work projects (e.g., job trainings or mental health counseling)
  • Fraternal and partisan organizations
  • Religion-based initiatives
  • Projects of staffed organizations
  • Projects with admission or participation fees
We also do not fund the following items:
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Web hosting and development
  • 501(c)(3) application fees
  • Training fees
  • Salaries
  • Speaker honorariums
  • Luxury items
  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Subscriptions
  • Back-to-school items
  • Block parties
  • Computer equipment

We do not fund existing school curricula (e.g., materials for an art class), long-standing programs (e.g., annual school play), and programs of staffed non-profits based in the school.

Submitting an application is easy:

Describe a project that incorporates your school’s Green Team, enhances sustainability at your school. Estimate how much it will realistically cost and request a grant amount that accurately reflects that cost.

Upon completion of a group’s project, we request that your results be posted on our website, The deadline for posting results on the ZWS site is the end of the school year. For account assistance, please email DSNY at

DSNY is happy to answer questions about the application. Please email us at for application assistance or for any questions you may have.