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Marriage License
To get married in New York state, a Marriage License must be obtained.
Learn more about Marriage Licenses.
Domestic Partnership Registration
A Domestic Partnership is a legal agreement between a couple of the opposite or same sex, in a committed relationship, that live together. In New York City, a Domestic Partnership allows the couple to receive certain rights prescribed by law.
Learn more about Domestic Partnerships.
Certificate of Non-Impediment
A Certificate of Non-Impediment application is the legal form that must be completed by an individual to obtain a document proving he or she is legally able to marry in New York City.

In New York City, a Letter (Certificate) of Non-Impediment is used as proof of unmarried status when getting married in a foreign country. The Office of the City Clerk issues the letter on sworn statement by the applicant with no liability for the information by the Office of the City Clerk.
Learn more about Certificates of Non-Impediment.
Domestic Partnership Termination
An Affidavit of Domestic Partnership Termination is the document that terminates a Domestic Partnership.
Learn more about terminating a Domestic Partnership.
Marriage Officiant Registration
A Marriage Officiant Registration application is the form that must be completed by a Marriage Officiant who wishes to perform a Marriage Ceremony in New York City.
Learn more about Marriage Officiant Registration.
Marriage Record Amendment
A Marriage Record Amendment application is the document that must be completed to request a change to a marriage record.
Marriage Record Request
A Marriage Record Request is the form that must be completed to request a record of marriage for a couple including a Marriage Certificate, and any other related documents used in the process of obtaining a marriage.