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Asbestos Abatement

Every owner of a building where asbestos abatement activity occurs is responsible for the performance of the asbestos abatement activities by his/her agent, contractor, employee, or other representative. Each building owner is responsible for determining the amount of asbestos-containing material that may be disturbed during the course of work.

The size and scope of the overall project, with particular reference to the total amount of asbestos-containing material that will be disturbed determines the reporting or filing requirements established in the Asbestos Control Program Rules. An asbestos project is defined as any form of work that will disturb more than 25 linear feet or more than 10 square feet of asbestos-containing material.

During the recent overhaul of operations we have renamed certain programs and now refer to them as A-TRU, Asbestos Technical Review Unit.

Asbestos Rules
New rules governing the abatement of asbestos have been promulgated, and the first phase will cover only certain abatement jobs. The full set of rules will apply to all abatement jobs and will take effect November 13th.
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ARTS: Asbestos Reporting & Tracking System
ARTS is the new interactive on-line filing application that enables applicants to submit applications and/or receive approvals (or objections) electronically.
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ARTS: Paperless Process Implementation (Video)
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Asbestos Forms
Online forms and filing instructions for abatement activities of asbestos-containing materials and asbestos certification, as established under the Asbestos Control Program Rules.
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Master Environmental Hazard Remediation Technician Registration
Local Law Number 3 for the year 2014 amends Title 24 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York by adding a new Chapter 10 in relation to the creation of a voluntary master environmental hazard remediation technician registration program.
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Asbestos Technical Review Guidance document
In 2009, the City enacted a number of new laws to ensure that asbestos abatement is conducted safely.
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Announcements and Notices
Controlled Demolition Procedures
Asbestos Investigator’s Memo – Web Based ACP5 form – June 30th, 2010 – New
Asbestos Regulatory Memorandum - Exception List – June 23rd, 2010 – New
Complex Abatement/Alteration Projects—DOB and DEP Filing Procedures
Asbestos Certification Application Changes
Enforcement of Asbestos Rules §1-01(c)
Asbestos Investigator Compliance Guide
Asbestos Regulatory Interpretation Memorandum

Certification Application
DEP certifies asbestos handlers, restricted handlers, asbestos handler supervisors, and asbestos investigators. The minimum qualifications for each type of certificate are specified in the Asbestos Rules §1-11 through §1-17.
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Certified Asbestos Investigators
The NYC DEP certifies over 300 asbestos investigators per year.
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Licensed Asbestos Contractors and Air Monitors
A list of asbestos contractors and air monitors compiled from the asbestos project notification database.
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Air Monitoring in Lower Manhattan
DEP monitored the ambient outdoor air for asbestos following the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster. This effort augmented ambient air asbestos sampling performed by the EPA and other state and city agencies.
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