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Business Resources

The Community Right-to-Know Program Tier II Filing

The Community Right-to-Know program is pleased to announce the implementation of a web-based reporting system for facilities. Called the Tier II Filing System, this system will allow facilities to electronically report their annual Facility Inventory Forms. The Program will begin the online submission program for the 2005 reporting year.

Rooftop Detention

Rooftop detention, also known as a Blue Roof or controlled-flow system, is an easily installed best management practice, or BMP, to temporarily store and gradually drain rainwater off a building’s rooftop. Rooftop detention is a low-cost alternative for complying with New York City’s stormwater detention requirement and can play a role in reducing both urban runoff and the flow of stormwater to our sewer system during rainfall events. To complement installations on new development, DEP is in the process of piloting rooftop detention to determine the cost-effectiveness of constructing blue roofs on existing buildings.

Amalgam Separators

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requires that all dental facility wastewater likely to come into contact with amalgam waste be treated prior to discharge by an amalgam separator (see 6 NYC RR 374-4). In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently adopted new requirements for amalgam separation (under 40 CFR Part 441).

Doing Business with DEP

DEP is the largest construction agency in the City, awarding more than $1 billion in contracts for construction, construction related services and engineering services annually. The office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer (“ACCO”) is responsible for overseeing all procurement functions of the Agency. Its mission is to support DEP’s operating bureaus in the procurement of goods, services and construction while ensuring that the Agency is in compliance with the Rules of the Procurement Policy Board and the Charter of the City of New York.

Smart Business

This Guide to DEP Environmental Regulations and Permitting Requirements for Businesses in New York City describes major Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit and non-permit environmental compliance requirements.

Environmental Control Board

The Environmental Control Board (ECB) is the administrative tribunal that provides hearings on notices of violation issued by City agencies. A listing office locations and hours is included.

Dry Cleaners

This guide describes the primary DEP permit and other compliance requirements for existing and new dry cleaners.

Environmental Compliance Outreach (ECO) Unit

The Environmental Compliance Outreach (ECO) Unit works with local businesses and environmental organizations to foster the joint goals of economic development and environmental protection, providing regulatory assistance, green business development, and pollution prevention and financial services.

Preventing Grease Discharges into Sewers

What you should know about preventing the discharge of grease into public sewers.

New Procedures for Boiler Renewal/Annual Filings

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Buildings (DOB) are working together on a cooperative project that will allow boiler owners to submit their required DEP triennial renewal requests and DOB annual inspection reports together on one form (BO-9) and at one location (Department of Buildings). More information about this new streamlined process, which will be available September 6, 2005, can be found on the DOB website.

Asbestos Abatement Activity and Certification Forms

Online forms and filing instructions for abatement activities of asbestos-containing materials and asbestos certification, as established under the Asbestos Control Program Rules.

Drought Response

When a drought emergency is declared, water-use can be restricted according to the City's drought regulations.

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