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RFP Frequently Asked Questions

How can my firm find out about solicitations for Professional Consultant Services?

The City Record or the City Record Online list all open competitive Requests for Proposals (RFP). These RFP are available for download once you register and sign in. In addition, your firm should apply for inclusion in all the Citywide Bidders Lists that it qualifies for via the New York City Vendor Enrollment Application and your firm will receive an email if that type of service is utilized.

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Is there a charge for RFPs?

No, DEP does not charge for RFP documents.

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My firm responded to an RFP a few months ago but we have not yet been notified if we have been selected. What does this mean?

The evaluation process can take a number of months to complete. You can be assured that as soon as the process is completed, all firms will be notified.

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Who selects the winning proposal?

All proposals are reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised of at least three but usually five people with knowledge, expertise and experience sufficient to make a fair and reasonable evaluation. Proposals are rated on the criteria that are described in the RFP.

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My firm proposed on an RFP where our price was very competitive, yet we were not selected. How can that be?

Cost is just one factor in selecting a consultant for DEP work. The Basis for Contract Award section of the RFP describes how cost will be taken into account for any particular RFP.

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My firm’s proposal was not selected as a winner. Can we meet to review how we were evaluated? Can we review the proposal of the winning firm?

It is possible to meet to discuss your proposal, but only after the contract has been awarded. The discussion can only focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal; no other proposals can be reviewed.

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How long does it take for a contract let via RFP to be awarded?

The timeframe does vary, but generally the process takes 6 to 9 months, maybe more, from the time your proposal is selected until you can start work.

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Why does this process take so long?

As you might expect, there are many approvals that need to be received before finalizing a contract. While some, like Vendex and Department of Labor Services, can occur concurrently, others cannot and are outside the control of the DEP.

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We were selected as the winning proposal. When can we start working?

All contracts must be registered with the New York City’s Comptroller’s office. Once registered, an Order to Commence Work letter will be issued to your firm, and work can then commence.

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