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Construction, Demolition and Abatement


In New York City, construction, demolition and abatement operations are primarily regulated by the Department of Buildings, Department of Environmental Protection, and Fire Department. Depending on the nature of the work, building owners and contractors must receive permits from and be inspected by some combination of these three agencies.

In order to enhance the regulation, oversight, and safety of construction, demolition, and abatement activities, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg issued a comprehensive report (1,145 kb) on these activities, including 33 recommendations (1,145 kb) developed by the Construction, Demolition, and Abatement Working Group chaired by Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler and comprised of the Fire Department (FDNY), the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Law Department.

Asbestos Technical Review: A Guide to the New York City Asbestos Regulations

The following link will bring you to a Guidance Document which provides a  tutorial for contractors and the general public that contains simplified instructions on how to navigate through the new regulations and ARTS filing format.

Presentation for DOB Industry Meetings

The following departments oversee and regulate construction, demolition and abatement activities:

Department of Buildings

Buildings issues permits for construction and demolition activities in the City of New York. The department inspects plans and sites to verify that appropriate protocols are followed.

Fire Department of New York

FDNY issues permits for hazardous materials, some of which may be in use on construction and demolition sites. In addition, uniformed and non-uniformed members of FDNY inspect construction and demolition sites to ensure compliance with fire safety standards.

Department of Environmental Protection

DEP oversees and inspects asbestos abatement activities throughout the City, whether conducted independently of or in association with construction or demolition activities.