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January 24, 2007

CONTACT: Ian Michaels (718/595-6600)

DEP’S New Web Site Focuses on Customer Service

Commissioner Emily Lloyd of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today that the DEP has redesigned its Web site with a renewed focus on customer service.  The redesign includes better navigation of the site and a new home page that makes finding content fast and simple.  The site’s most popular item – New York City’s daily reservoir levels – has also been moved to the home page for easier access.

 “Communicating with the public is one of the key missions of DEP,” said Commissioner Lloyd.  “Our new Web site makes it easier to access government.  Whether you have questions about your water bill, need a form to participate in a DEP program, want to learn how to save water or want to fish in one of the City’s upstate reservoirs, the DEP Web site is the place to start.”

A new Water and Sewer Bills section has been added to help property owners understand their water and sewer bills, pay their bills online and learn how to read their water meter.  Water saving tips will help homeowners lower their bills through conservation.  Applications can also be downloaded for a free Residential Water Survey, which will identify leaky pipes and includes free installation of water saving devices for sinks, toilets and showerheads. 

The new site also addresses the needs of commercial building owners and managers, with information about how to recycle water and save money through the Comprehensive Water Reuse Program and water conservation seminars for building managers.  Over 40 forms and applications are available for download,  including those for new water and sewer connections and for asbestos removal.

A new Environmental Education section provides educational resources for students and teachers, including hands-on activities, lists of great books and Web sites about water and noise pollution, and a guide to water education programs offered at other locations throughout New York City, a water and environment quiz and downloadable versions of the DEP’s Water Saver’s Workbook for kids.

A revamped section on drinking water includes history of the City’s water system, information about the City’s extensive watershed protection programs and links to the City’s annual Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report.  Maps of the City’s upstate watershed are available, as well as downloadable permits to hike and fish on the City’s watershed properties.

DEP protects the environmental health, welfare and natural resources of the City and its residents.  The Department manages the City’s water supply, serving more than half the population of New York State with over one billion gallons of quality drinking water daily.  Nineteen reservoirs provide water to eight million City residents through a network grid of over 6,200 miles of water mains throughout the five boroughs as well as an additional one million consumers in four upstate counties.  DEP manages 14 in-City wastewater treatment plans, and an additional nine treatment plants upstate.  DEP carries out federal Clean Water Act rules and regulations, handles hazardous materials emergencies and toxic site remediation, oversees asbestos monitoring and removal, enforces the City’s air and noise codes, bills and collects on City water and sewer accounts, provides educational materials and resources to City schools, and manages city-wide water conservation programs.


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