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October 24, 2001

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Advisory for Building Façade Clean-up

  • The contractor performing the cleaning should be experienced in cleaning building façades.

  • Building occupants shall be notified prior to the façade cleaning. Access to the street below the façade cleaning shall be restricted and marked with caution tape. Cleaning shall not be performed during wind speeds greater than 20 mph.

  • All HVAC systems and air conditioners shall be turned off. All windows shall be closed during the cleaning of the building. Some air conditioners and windows may require sealing with duct tape to prevent water penetration.

  • In cases where equipment is rigged from the roof: All clean-up activities on the roof must be completed prior to rigging equipment from the roof.

  • All horizontal surfaces and all windows on the façade shall be cleaned of large bulk material by wetting and brushing, by wet wiping and/ or by HEPA vacuuming from top to bottom. The removed material shall be immediately placed into containers (e.g. bags). Windows shall be wet wiped. Free running water shall not be evident during this procedure. Power for HEPA vacuums shall be supplied through ground fault interrupters.

  • After completing the above, the entire façade shall be carefully washed. A low pressure washing technique, moving from top to bottom, shall be employed to minimize water bounce-back.

  • If the environmental assessment disclosed the debris is asbestos-containing material (ACM), this work shall be performed by a NYSDOL licensed asbestos contractor. The workers must possess NYCDEP and NYSDOL asbestos worker certification. The area below the façade cleaning shall be covered with a layer of polyethylene sheeting and all debris and water must be collected for disposal as ACM waste (i.e. All waste must be double bagged in ACM waste labeled bags.)

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