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Drought Response

Water Use Restrictions

A summary of the restrictions placed on water use during non-emergency and drought emergency conditions.

Drought Regulations

See the complete Rules of the City of New York covering the drought emergency stages.

Drought Variance Application

Download the drought variance application and instructions for submission.

Variance for Washing Sidewalks

Commissioner Ward has relieved the requirements prohibiting washing sidewalks, streets, driveways and outdoor areaways for health and safety purposes.

Drought Regulation Penalty Schedule

See the schedule of penalties for violating the Drought Regulations during the stages of a drought emergency.

Hose Nozzle and Sprayer Survey

DEP has surveyed a number of hose nozzles and sprayers. Here is a list that meets the requirements during a drought emergency.

Drought Management Plan

A description of the City of New York's Drought Management Plan.

Reservoir Levels

Current: %

Normal: %