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Programs for Landowners & Homeowners

As part of its Long-Term Watershed Protection Program, DEP offers a wealth of program opportunities and incentives that are available to help watershed landowners and homeowners voluntarily protect water quality and become good environment stewards.

Land Acquisition
Acquiring environmentally sensitive watershed lands at fair market value is one key component of the City’s comprehensive efforts to protect the quality of its upstate water supply. DEP’s Land Acquisition Program is purely voluntary and operates on a willing buyer/willing seller basis.
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Conservation Easements
Through DEP’s Conservation Easement Program, the City buys conservation easements at fair market value from interested watershed landowners who receive cash and property tax relief in return for extinguishing their development rights in perpetuity.
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Agriculture on Private Lands
The Watershed Agricultural Program is a partnership between DEP and the watershed farming community that strives to reduce agricultural pollution by assisting farmers with the development and implementation of comprehensive pollution prevention plans.
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Forestry on Private Lands
The Watershed Forestry Program is a partnership between DEP and the watershed forestry community that promotes long-term management and good stewardship of privately owned forest lands which cover a large majority of the total watershed land area.
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Streams & Floodplains
DEP’s Stream Management Program works closely with several local partners in the Catskill/Delaware Watersheds to provide guidance, education, and technical assistance to landowners who need help managing streams and floodplains on their property.
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Septic Systems
DEP partners with local organizations to fund and implement a series of voluntary septic system programs designed to help homeowners and small businesses protect water quality through onsite septic tank pump-outs and septic system repairs or replacements.
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