Citywide Mobility Survey

DOT conducts a robust annual travel survey called the Citywide Mobility Survey (CMS). Launched in 2017, it seeks to assess the travel behavior, preferences, and attitudes of New York City residents. Annual reports with results from each year’s survey, as well as accompanying datasets, are available below.

3,000+ New Yorkers are surveyed each year, with approximately 300 respondents from each of the ten survey zones shown in the image below. The survey zones are made up of neighborhood tabulation areas (NTAs), which means that standard Census and American Community Survey (ACS) geographies can nest within the survey zones.

In 2020, DOT is conducting a modified version of the CMS called the Citywide Mobility Survey: Transportation Impacts from COVID-19. The purpose of this year’s survey is to better understand how New Yorkers’ travel choices and preferences are changing, both in the short and long term, as a result of COVID-19.

Citywide Mobility Survey Map

Annual Reports

DOT’s consultants produce a summary report with key statistics from the survey. You can view the reports by clicking the links below:

We also encourage you to view NYC DOT's Mobility Report, which uses the survey results to provide context to changing travel patterns in New York City.


For those who want to create custom tabulations of the survey data, the data are available on NYC Open Data. The survey questionnaire, user guide, and data dictionary are included as attachments with each dataset.