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The Department of Transportation is a vital component of one of the largest and most complex cities in the world, and our employees play a crucial role maintaining the City's transportation infrastructure, from operating ferries to repairing potholes, from issuing construction permits to building and restoring bridges, and from keeping traffic moving to creating new public spaces. Serving the people of New York City is a challenging and rewarding experience. DOT offers excellent benefits packages, competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement. Learn more about engineering careers at DOT (pdf) Learn about upcoming civil service exams from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

All openings at DOT are available at nyc.gov/careers.

Current City Employees: External Applicants:


Current Career Opportunities

Business Title

Civil Service Title


Posting Period

Bridges Division

Assistant Civil Engineer Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 8/8/2018-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 3 Civil Engineer Manhattan 11/21/2018-Until Filled

Executive Division

Policy Analyst for Accessibility Strategic Initiative Specialist Manhattan 10/11/2019-Until Filled
Federal Transportation & Environmental Policy Advisor Confidential Strategy Planner Manhattan 1/30/2020-7/28/2020

Ferry Division

Senior Port Engineer Administrative Project Manager Staten Island 9/14/2016-Until Filled
Waterfront Facilities Engineer Administrative Project Manager Manhattan 10/27/2016-Until Filled
Resiliency Engineer Administrative Project Manager Manhattan 11/29/2016-Until Filled
Dockbuilder Dockbuilder Staten Island 2/14/2019-Until Filled
Deckhand Deckhand Staten Island 2/17/2020-Until Filled
Marine Oiler Marine Oiler (ferry Operations) Staten Island 2/17/2020-Until Filled
Chief Operations Officer/Deputy Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Staten Island 3/20/2020-Until Filled

Human Resources & Facilities Management

EEO Investigator Agency Attorney Manhattan 2/13/2018-Until Filled
Director of Facilities Maintenance Administrative Supervisor Manhattan 10/31/2019-4/28/2020
City Attendant City Attendant Manhattan 10/31/2019-4/28/2020
Diversity Specialist Community Coordinator Manhattan 1/22/2020-7/20/2020
EEO Investigator Agency Attorney Manhattan 8/28/2019-6/30/2020

IT & Telecom Division

Systems Administrator - Computer Software Certified It Administrator Lan Manhattan 5/11/2015-Until Filled
Junior Telecom Support Technician Telecommunications Associate Manhattan 11/14/2019-5/12/2020

Legal Affairs Division

Data Scientist City Research Scientist Manhattan 1/29/2020-7/27/2020
Data Scientist City Research Scientist Manhattan 1/29/2020-7/27/2020
Air Compliance Specialist City Research Scientist Manhattan 2/13/2020-8/11/2020
Assistant General Counsel Agency Attorney Interne Manhattan 3/4/2020-8/31/2020
Assistant General Counsel Agency Attorney Manhattan 3/4/2020-8/31/2020
Assistant General Counsel Agency Attorney Manhattan 3/4/2020-8/31/2020

Roadway Repair & Maintenance (RRM) Division

Automotive Service Worker Automotive Service Worker Manhattan 3/4/2020-4/18/2020

Safety Education

Safety Education Outreach Coordinator Community Coordinator Manhattan 1/29/2020-7/27/2020

Sidewalks & Inspection Management (SIM) Division

Borough Planner Adm City Planner (non Mgrl) Manhattan 1/17/2018-Until Filled
Civil Engineering Intern (SW) Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 10/11/2019-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer Assistant Civil Engineer Queens 2/4/2020-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer Assistant Civil Engineer Queens 2/5/2020-Until Filled
Administrative Manager Adm Manager-non-mgrl Frm M1/m2 Bronx 1/30/2020-Until Filled
Transportation Specialist Transportation Specialist Queens 3/15/2020-Until Filled

Traffic Operations

Principal Administrative Associate I Principal Administrative Associate Queens 6/15/2016-Until Filled
Administrative Transportation Coordinator M-I Administrative Transportation Queens 2/28/2017-Until Filled
Senior Program Manager Administrative Project Manager Queens 12/13/2017-Until Filled
Highway Transportation Specialist Highway Transportation Specialist Queens 7/31/2019-Until Filled
Automated Enforcement Camera Technician (AEU) Clerical Associate All Boroughs 8/23/2019-Until Filled
Parking Planner Highway Transportation Specialist Queens 9/19/2019-Until Filled

Transportation Planning & Management Division

Traffic Device Maintainer Traffic Device Maintainer All Boroughs 4/23/2018-Until Filled
CAD and Records Manager Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/19/2018-Until Filled
Design Subject Matter Expert (SME) Civil Engineer Queens 9/26/2018-Until Filled


Interested in an internship or college aide position at NYC DOT? Please email DOT’s Human Resources team at internships@dot.nyc.gov.

NYC Needs Emergency Snow Laborers

NYC DOT registers emergency snow laborers to help remove snow and ice from bus stops, step streets, and other locations throughout the city. Learn more about signing up to be an emergency snow laborer.

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