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For over ten years, DOT has facilitated public-private collaborations that support the development and funding sustainability of its programs.

DOT welcomes all organizations and individuals interested in offering their sponsorship and partnership ideas.  Aligning with DOT creates a unique New York City platform, through exclusive programs and spaces, while supporting our mission.

If you wish to learn more about DOT’s programs and sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to: sponsorship@dot.nyc.gov


DOT programs that currently may be considered for sponsorship are:

Summer Streets

Summer Streets 1 Summer Streets 2 Summer Streets 3 Summer Streets 4 Summer Streets 5 Summer Streets 6 Summer Streets 7



Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3 Plaza 4 Plaza 5 Plaza 6 Plaza 7 Plaza 8 Plaza 9


Weekend Walks

Weekend Walks 1 Weekend Walks 2 Weekend Walks 3 Weekend Walks 4 Weekend Walks 5 Weekend Walks 6 Weekend Walks 7


Street Seats

Street Seats 1 Street Seats 2 Street Seats 3 Street Seats 4 Street Seats 5 Street Seats 6 Street Seats 7



DOT Art 1 DOT Art 2 DOT Art 3 DOT Art 4 DOT Art 5 DOT Art 6 DOT Art 7 DOT Art 8


Safety EducationWalkNYC City Bench │ Under the El 

Safety Educaton 1 WalkNYC 1 City Bench 1 Under the El 1 Safety Educaton 2 WalkNYC 2 City Bench 2 Safety Educaton 3


Sponsors - Thank you

Present and past sponsors of DOT programs are:

Citibank Sponsorships   Vita Coco Sponsorships   Nike Sponsorships   Clif Sponsorships   Hallmark Sponsorships   New York Presbyterian   Master Card   NBC   Target   Toyota   Citi Bike   Crunch   REI   Banana Boat   Marmot   Reebok   NFL   Columbia   Patagonia   CBS   Cigna   bicycle Habitat   Asphalt Green   Merrell   RCN   Delivery .com   The Chia Co   cabot   Haagen Dazs   American Kennel Club   Deliciously Dairy Free   Fresh Bev   Honest Tea   Nature Path Organic   Organic Valley   Steve's Ice Cream   Stony Field   Suja   Apple Gate   Food Cooking Network   Elite Daily   New York City Football Club   Madison Square Garden   Gogo Squeez   Tasty Bite   Udis Gluten Free   Materne   Odwalla   Coca Cola   iHeart Radiio   Metro   Telemundo   TimeOut   SNY   MORNINGSTAR   Ciao Bella Gelato   ROLLERBLADE