Willoughby Street Pedestrian Priority Study


DOT initiated a conceptual design study for three short blocks of Willoughby and Pearl Streets in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. The purpose of the study was to reimagine the project area in a way that could leverage its key location in the Downtown Brooklyn central business district and to better support current and future street users and surrounding land uses. DOT hired a multi-disciplinary consultant team to evaluate existing conditions, research precedents, to develop a design concept and contribute to a robust outreach process with local stakeholders. The conceptual design process established a Stakeholder Committee which consisted of city agencies, elected officials, adjacent property owners and institutions and others. Stakeholder Committee meetings were complemented by a Public Open House held in October 2014.

The final report and its appendices can be downloaded via the below link.

Project Area

The project area consists of Willoughby Street between Pearl Street and Jay Street, and Pearl Street between Fulton Street and Renaissance Plaza. It is immediately adjacent to Willoughby Plaza.

Map of Willoughby Street Pedestrian Priority Study

Project Documents

Willoughby Street Pedestrian Priority Project Final Report (pdf) (June 2015) Willoughby Street Pedestrian Priority Project Final Report Appendices (pdf) (January 5, 2015) Plans – Three Conceptual Alternatives (pdf) (October, 2014) Presentation – 2nd Stakeholder Meeting (pdf) (October 9th, 2014) Willoughby Street Pedestrian Priority - Existing Conditions Report (pdf) (January 5, 2015) Presentation - 1st Stakeholder Meeting (pdf) (August 7th, 2014)

Please check back for additional project documents as they become available.