Bicycle Parking


Stylized CityRack in the shape of a large wheel

NYC DOT's CityRacks provide free sidewalk bicycle parking racks throughout the five boroughs. CityRacks are a convenience for the entire cycling community. Learn more about the CityRacks Program


Bike Corral on street

The BikeCorral Program is a citywide initiative to provide bike parking in the curbside lane of a street where bicycle parking demand outweighs the available sidewalk space. Anyone can request a BikeCorral, but every BikeCorral needs a maintenance partner to keep the corral clear of snow and debris. Learn more about the BikeCorral Program

Bike Parking Shelters

Bike Parking Shelters

NYC DOT, in coordination with our Coordinated Street Furniture vendor, JC Decaux, has installed bicycle parking shelters around the City. Each shelter contains stainless steel bike racks for eight bikes. The design closely resembles the award-winning Bus Shelter, using the same high-quality materials. Visit NYC DOT's Data Feeds page to download shelter locations

Bikes in Buildings

New York City's Bikes in Buildings law provides a process for tenants of commercial office buildings with a freight elevator to request bicycle access to their workspaces. Learn more about Bikes in Buildings