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Show us where you bike in NYC

The official NYC Bike Map is now available on a smartphone. Zoom in, zoom out, find a route or a bike shop, all from your phone. NYC DOT is partnering with smart phone application Ride to make the bike map available in a digital form. This map is also interactive: Users can anonymously share and rate their rides, which helps DOT better understand when, where, and why people are biking in NYC. Download Ride to tell us where you ride and to rate your rides.

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What is Ride?

Ride is a third-party smart phone application that automatically records and anonymizes when and where you are riding a bike. Once you download the app, you can forget about it – there is no need to push start or stop.. At the end of your ride, you can rate your trip. The NYC app is still in “beta,” so help us out by contacting Ride with any problems.

The app includes the latest NYC Bike Map, complete with bike shops and Citi Bike stations. Tap on any of the features in the map to get additional information.

Data from Ride will help DOT learn more about where people are biking and how they feel while biking in NYC. We are especially interested in counting people biking in the outer boroughs, where bike lanes are more dispersed and cycling activity is less concentrated. All information is aggregated and anonymized—your personal information and individual routes will not be shared.

How Ride Works

After a ride, you can view your route
Ride  keeps track of your long term ride statistics    


The privacy of the users of the Ride application is of the utmost concern to DOT. To ensure privacy, each street segment must meet a minimum number of riders (as determined by Ride’s proprietary algorithm) to be displayed on the map and the beginning and end of each ride is intentionally generalized. Specific criteria are not disclosed in order to hinder efforts at de-anonymization.

With the Ride mobile application, DOT will be better able to gather information about the street from a cyclist’s perspective. As more and more people ride on a particular street and rate their rides, that street will become visible on the Ride map for NYC, providing much needed information to DOT that will, in turn, allow DOT to make suggestions and decisions with the city’s cyclist in mind.

Further, DOT will only receive anonymized and aggregated (compiled and combined) information about cycling activities as a whole, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Approximate age and gender of user (if provided by user);
  • Preferred bikes routes;
  • General biking speed; and
  • The number of Ride users who rode on a particular street on a particular day and what there comfort level was during the ride.

DOT will not receive or have access to any of the following:

  • Personally identifiable information through Ride; nor
  • Information about the movements or locations of individuals.

Learn more about additional privacy information from Ride. Additionally, you can also read Ride’s Terms and Conditions.


Q: Why is DOT partnering with Ride?

A: DOT wants to learn more about where people bike in NYC, what routes they take, and how comfortable they feel biking. This will help us plan and evaluate safety projects. Because many New Yorkers carry smart phones, using a smart phone application to understand bicycle patterns is an efficient and cost effective data collection tool. Ride also works passively, meaning that the user does not need to start or stop the app for a bike ride to be recorded. The passive nature of the app allows for adequate tracking of bike rides while minimizing both battery and data usage.

Q: Will Ride data be available on NYC Open Data?

A: A subset of Ride data will be available on Open Data, in compliance with the Open Data requirements, after a period of time to allow data to accumulate to a meaningful level.

Q: What if I don’t have a smart phone?

A: You can show us where you ride at the following feedback website

For questions about privacy, data, and battery usage, see Ride’s FAQ page.

Contact Us

For questions or problems with the app, including ride misclassifications, missed rides, errors, or battery problems, please contact Ride.

Comments and questions for NYC DOT can be directed to the Commissioner’s Contact Unit