Street Works Permits

Street and Construction Permits

The NYC DOT Office of Permit Management & Office of Construction Control & Mitigation will limit interaction with the public until further notice and implement the following mandatory procedures due to the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration (Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Urdu)

  • All permit requests must be submitted online via
  • OCMC will continue to receive and process online permit applications.
  • As of August 26, 2020, any permit issued by NYC DOT for work performed in the street must be current. Permit must be renewed or it will be invalid as of the permit expiration date.

Street Works Manual

DOT publishes the Street Works Manual, a resource for everyone that performs work in New York City streets, from utilities and contractors installing, replacing and repairing underground infrastructure to developers replacing roadways and sidewalks adjacent to building sites and homeowners performing their own sidewalk repairs. The manual covers advance planning of construction projects, all construction-related DOT permits, and how and when to obtain these permits Visit the Street Works Manual Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations

DOT issues over 150 different types of sidewalk and roadway construction permits to utilities, contractors, government agencies and homeowners. Permits cover activities such as street openings, sidewalk construction and installing canopies over sidewalks. Apply for a street or sidewalk construction permit Request a confirmation number for a protected street permit Check the status of active street construction permits Download a brochure on Excavation Safety Alerts (pdf) Learn about reducing emissions (Local Law 77)

Plans and Guidelines for Sidewalks, Curbs, and Roadways

Owners developing property are required to have a sidewalk, curb and paved roadway along the public right-of-way abutting the property. The Instructions for Filing Plans and Guidelines for the Design of Sidewalks, Curbs, Roadways and Other Infrastructure Components (pdf) describe the documentation that must be submitted to the satisfaction of DOT.

Sidewalk Sheds/Scaffolding

When putting up, taking down, or maintaining a sidewalk shed/scaffolding in NYC, you may need to obtain separate construction activity permits from NYCDOT in addition to the sidewalk shed permit issued by the Department of Buildings. Additional Information on activities that may require these permits.

Commercial Refuse Container Permits

DOT requires carting companies to obtain a permit for each commercial refuse container placed on a city street. The commercial refuse container permit allows DOT to track placement of containers, preventing conflicts with scheduled construction work or special events. This permit requirement does not apply to containers used for construction activity for which a separate DOT or Department of Buildings permit is required. Login to apply for a permit Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Embargoes & Protected Streets

If DOT declares a construction embargo, only emergency work may be performed in the affected area during the embargo. Check the list of embargoes

Streets that have been resurfaced or reconstructed in the last five years are protected from street openings, except for emergency work. DOT publishes future protected streets to assist in planning work. Current list of protected streets

Work Zones & ADA Compliance

NYC DOT has a strong commitment to ensuring pedestrian accessibility within the public right of way. Review this information and ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with local, State and Federal standards to maintain an accessible path of travel. Review our Work Zones & ADA Compliance Guidelines

Permit Enforcement

DOT enforces the laws and rules that govern the way utilities, plumbers, contractors, other governmental agencies, and property owners perform work on the City's sidewalks, roadways and highways. DOT's inspectors also review work sites for compliance with permit stipulations, and issue violations when they find non-compliance with the laws and rules. Learn more about Permit Enforcement

Overdimensional Permits

DOT issues permits that allow overdimensional vehicles to travel on New York City streets. Learn more about truck restrictions and permits

Construction Project Informational Signs

DOT permittees are required to post information signs for projects projected to last three months or more. Learn more about Construction Signs

NYC Business Owners Bill of Rights

The City of New York provides certain rights to business owners regarding customer service, permits and inspections. Learn more at