Protected Streets

About Protected Streets

A Protected Street is a street segment or intersection that has been resurfaced or reconstructed within the last five years. No street openings are allowed on protected streets, except for emergency work or as authorized by the Commissioner. Future Protected Streets included streets that will soon be entered on the Protected Streets list because of active or planned projects. Use this listing to schedule streetwork for segments and intersections that will soon be resurfaced. DOT's Street Works Manual has more information on coordinating street construction work

The listings are extensive documents will take a significant amount of time to download. The listings are updated daily and are accurate as of the previous business day.

Protected Streets

Future Protected Streets

Data Structure

Street Names

The official street name should be used when searching for a location in this listing. For example, Central Park West becomes Frederick Douglass Boulevard north of Cathedral Parkway/Central Park North. Numbered streets or avenues are listed with the numeral, e.g., 1 Avenue and 4 Street.


Blocks are listed in alphabetic order by street name with all numbered streets coming before all named streets. Streets with directional prefixes, such as East 57 Street, will appear under "East" not 57 Street. Where several blocks of a street are protected, they are listed in geographical order. For each protected block, the listing also provides the high and low addresses. A range appearing as blank means that no addresses are on record for that block.


Protected intersections are also listed alphabetically, based on which street name comes first. For example, the intersection of Astor Place and Broadway (Manhattan) is listed under Astor Place. Numbered streets precede named streets. For example, the intersection of East Houston Street and 7 Avenue will be found under 7 Avenue.

Completion Date

A blank completion date denotes an "active" project. The street will become a protected street when the project work is completed. For locations in the listing that do not include dates, please call the Borough Street Maintenance Office for additional information.

  • Bronx: 212-748-6672
  • Brooklyn: 718-222-7290/7293
  • Manhattan: 212-839-8980
  • Queens: 718-286-2707
  • Staten Island: 718-816-2084