Electric Vehicles

There has never been a better time for car owners to go electric. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming much more affordable, battery range is increasing, and more models are hitting the market.

A plug is inserted into the gas cap area of a parked electric vehicle.

EVs run at least partially on electric energy. Much like vehicles that run on fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel, EVs include cars, trucks, and buses. EVs may run entirely or partially on battery power or on electricity generated from a hydrogen fuel cell.

Benefits of EVs

Compared to conventional vehicles, EVs have:

EVs are now broadly available at multiple price points, and there are various tax credits, rebates and other incentives available for EV buyers that can bring down the purchase price.

EVs in NYC

An orange DHL van with a sticker promoting the vehicle as '“100% Electric”' drives along a NYC street.

Transportation is responsible for almost 30% of NYC's greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), with most of these emissions coming from passenger cars. Increasing the number of EVs in the five boroughs is an important part of the city’s effort to fight climate change by reducing GHG emission 80% by 2050.

Charging EVs

There are three different charging levels for EVs:

  • Level 1 Charge:
    • Up to 5 miles of range per hour of charging
    • Standard household outlet, Low voltage (120v)
  • Level 2 Charge:
    • Up to 20 miles of range per hour of charging
    • Mid-level voltage (240v), commonly used in large appliances like dryers
  • Level 3 Charge:
    • Over 30 miles of range per 10 minutes of charging
    • DC Fast Charging, the fastest charging option (over 480v)

New York City is creating PlugNYC, a comprehensive network of publicly accessible Level 2 Chargers and DC fast chargers. Level 2 charging stations allow EV owners to charge their vehicles while parked at home, at work, or curbside. DC fast chargers offer a charging experience comparable to a gas station.

Curbside Level 2 Charging Pilot

In New York City, where many people park their cars at the curb and don’t have access to a home charger, charging an EV can be a challenge. To address this gap, NYC DOT and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS) are working with partners to expand access to public EV charging across the five boroughs.

In partnership with Con Edison, NYC is installing 120 Level 2 charging ports at curbside locations across the five boroughs. The chargers will be in place for four years as part of a demonstration project, which will include an evaluation period. Installation of the Level 2 chargers began in June 2021. Use of the chargers will be managed by FLO.

NYC DOT, with input from Con Edison, selects curbside locations based on projected demand for charging, geographic diversity, and input from local elected officials and community stakeholders. NYC DOT collected input from the public on where chargers should be installed. Business owners could also request an EV charger outside of their business.

The curbside Level 2 chargers will come with a standard SAE J1772 connector that is compatible with most EVs. Tesla owners will be able to use these Level 2 chargers with an adapter that comes with each Tesla.

EV owners will pay for charging on a per hour basis. The cost of charging will be competitive with the cost of gasoline for non-EVs. Customers will be able to pay by smartphone, tap card, or on the program website. These parking spaces are reserved for actively charging EVs. Non-charging vehicles may be ticketed by NYPD.

Map of EV Charging Stations

Two electric vehicles are parked inside a municipal lot, plugged into EV chargers.

Some NYC DOT municipal parking facilities offer Level 2 charging stations. NYC Municipal Parking Facilities

  • Jerome – 190th Street Municipal Parking Garage, Bronx: 5 EV charging spaces
  • Delancey and Essex Municipal Parking Garage, Manhattan: 5 EV charging spaces
  • Court Square Municipal Parking Garage, Queens: 8 EV charging spaces
  • Queens Family Court Municipal Parking Garage, Queens: 3 EV charging stations
  • Queensboro Hall Municipal Parking Field, Queens: 4 EV charging spaces
  • Staten Island Courthouse Garage and Parking Lot, Staten Island: 5 EV charging spaces

Find a place to plug in your EV with NYSERDA's Electric Vehicle Station Locator

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NYSERDA's Curb Enthusiasm: Report for On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging (pdf)