Neighborhood Loading Zones

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The growth of e-commerce deliveries on residential streets and for-hire vehicle trips throughout the city have changed the way New Yorker’s use our curbs. As demands on the City’s limited amount of curb space continues to grow, trucks, delivery vehicles, and personal vehicles need safe ways to access the curbs while not blocking traffic, including on bus routes or in bike lanes.

NYC DOT’s Neighborhood Loading Zone (NLZ) program aims to reduce double parking on narrow residential streets by providing space at the curb for activities such as:

  • Package deliveries by commercial vehicles
  • Taxi and car service pick-up and drop-off
  • Active loading and unloading of personal vehicles

Providing dedicated curb space for these activities during daytime and evening hours will help to reduce double parking as well as other unwanted standing behaviors, creating a safer and more efficient environment for all road users. Neighborhood Loading Zones aims to help reduce conflicts between trucks and cyclists, improve bus travel times, and better serve all of the activities that occur on our city’s streets.


Neighborhood Loading Zones are located in all five boroughs, specific locations listed below.



    Fordham Manor (pdf)
  • Valentine Avenue (Bedford Park Boulevard to East 194th Street)
  • Bainbridge Street (East 199th Street to East 196th Street)


    Park Slope (pdf)
  • 2nd Street (8th Avenue to 5th Avenue)
  • 3rd Street (4th Avenue to Prospect Park West)
    Sunset Park (pdf)
  • 48th Street (4th Avenue to 7th Avenue)
  • 49th Street (9th Avenue to 5th Avenue)
  • 50th Street (6th Avenue to 9th Avenue)
  • 51st Street (6th Avenue to 7th Avenue)


    Jackson Heights – Phase 2 (pdf)
  • 75th Street (34th Avenue to 37th Avenue )
  • 76th Street (34th Avenue to 37th Avenue)
  • 80th Street (34th Avenue to 37th Avenue)
  • 81st Street (Roosevelt Avenue to 34th Avenue)

Staten Island

    St George – Phase 2 (pdf)
  • Hamilton Avenue (Stuyvesant Place to Academy Place)
  • Daniel Low Terrace (Crescent Avenue to Fort Hill Circle and Benziger Avenue to Fort Place)


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