West Side Manhattan Transportation Study

In response to community concerns over the growth in major real estate developments and traffic congestion, DOT conducted a traffic and transportation study for the area bounded by West 55th Street, West 86th Street, Central Park West and Twelfth Avenue/Henry Hudson Parkway in the Borough of Manhattan.

The study assessed existing traffic and transportation conditions in the study area and projected how future land uses may generate new trips and affect levels of congestion in the study area. Community input was an integral part of the assessment.

The following topics were analyzed in detail as part of the study:

  • demographics
  • traffic and transportation
  • accidents and safety
  • taxis and car services
  • truck access and deliveries
  • parking on and off the street
  • buses and subways
  • pedestrian and bicycles
  • safety
  • land use and zoning

Technical Memorandum No. 1: Existing Conditions 2008

This memorandum assessment of existing conditions includes an analysis of demographics, land use and zoning, traffic and transportation, pedestrian and bicycle, accidents, transit, parking, and goods movement. Download the Technical Memorandum No. 1(pdf)

DOT had the third and final public meeting for the West Side Manhattan Transportation Study on April 25, 2012. The findings of the future conditions analysis and the study's recommendations were presented. Comments on the Draft Final Report will be accepted until May 25, 2012. Download the final presentation for the West Side Manhattan Transportation Study

Technical Memorandum No. 2: Future Conditions & Recommendations

This section of the report presents the 2018 future conditions analysis as well as recommended improvement measures. It contains an assessment of future conditions by analyzing area demographics, land use and zoning, traffic and transportation, pedestrian and bicycle, accidents, goods movement, transit, and parking. The improvement measures which are based on the analyses and community concerns include signal timing changes, parking regulation changes, roadway restriping and other geometric changes in the study area. Download the Technical Memorandum No. 2 (pdf)

DOT held a public meeting on September 22, 2009 to update stakeholders on the progress of the Upper West Side study. DOT provided an update on its analysis of existing conditions, initiatives the Agency currently has underway to improve conditions on the Upper West Side, improvements that have already been implemented and improvements that have been identified through this study but not yet implemented. DOT also discussed next steps in the study and opportunities for additional public input. Download the update for the Upper West Side study(pdf)

Final Report

The West Side Manhattan Transportation Study final report concludes a process that involved detailed traffic analysis of existing and future conditions with extensive public participation. Consistent with the goals to improve traffic operations and pedestrian safety in the study area, it includes the 2018 projected conditions analysis and recommendations (short- and long-term) for improvements at many locations. It also incorporates both written and verbal comments on the draft final report received from community members and stakeholders. Feasible recommended improvement measures will be implemented in consultation with community stakeholders. Download the final report for the West Side Manhattan Transportation Study (pdf)

West Side Manhattan Transportation Study Public Listening Session Summary

DOT held a Public Listening Session as part of this study at John Jay College on Monday, September 24, 2007. The meeting gave members of the public living on the Upper West Side from West 54th Street to West 86th Street from Central Park West to the West Side Highway an opportunity and a venue to air their concerns and offer their suggestions about the current transportation problems in their neighborhood. 198 members of the public attended and participated in this meeting. Download the summary for the West Side Manhattan Transportation Study(pdf)