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The CityBench program is an initiative to increase the amount of public seating on New York City’s streets. DOT installs attractive and durable benches around the city, particularly at bus stops, retail corridors, and in areas with high concentrations of senior citizens. These benches make streets more comfortable for transit riders and pedestrians, especially for those who are older and disabled. Anyone can request a bench, and anyone can use one. DOT encourages all New Yorkers to recommend locations for benches on the DOT right-of-way (not private property). If you know of a good location that meets the requirements below, please complete the web form below or print out a paper form and send in by mail. Download the form

The CityBench program has installed over 1,800 benches throughout the five boroughs and will install an additional 100 benches by 2019. To find a bench near you or request a bench in neighborhoods with a lack of seating, visit our Web Map here. See a list of our installed benches.

In order to support walking and transit, priority bench locations include:

  • Bus stops without shelters
  • Sidewalks near transit facilities (e.g. subway stations)
  • Senior centers
  • Hospitals and community health centers
  • Commercial zones and shopping districts
  • Municipal facilities (e.g., public libraries, schools)

The benches are for use by the general public and are not restricted to tenants of any particular building or patrons of any particular business. Benches cannot be used to displace street vendors.

For safety and engineering reasons, there are some base requirements for where benches can go:

  • In all instances, an 8 feet clear path from bench to building line must be maintained.
  • For benches with backs placed along the curb, the minimum sidewalk width is 12 feet from building to curb.
  • For backless benches placed along the curb, the minimum sidewalk width is 14 feet from building to curb.
  • For benches placed against a building, the minimum sidewalk width is 10 feet, six inches.
  • Benches cannot be placed directly opposite a building entrance or cellar door.
  • Where there is a sidewalk café, the sidewalk width is measured from the outside of the café to the curb. The minimum widths listed above apply in these cases.

See full requirements list

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DOT covers the costs of installing and maintaining the bench. The CityBench program is funded through the Federal Transit Authority's (FTA) Section 5310 Program grant. The goal of the Section 5310 program is to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the country by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding the transportation mobility options available.

If for some reason, such as construction activity or changes to bus stop locations, a bench needs to be removed or relocated, please email or call 311. DOT will replace damaged benches. Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks around benches clean and cleared of snow as required by law.

To report damage to a CityBench, please write to DOT. Photos of damaged benches can be emailed to

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