Curbside Haiku

“Curbside Haiku,” a DOT safety education and public art campaign launched in November 2011, is a set of twelve bright, eye-catching designs by artist John Morse that mimic the style of traditional street safety signs.  Each sign is accompanied by a haiku poem. The “Curbside Haiku” installation can be seen citywide on 144 signs to promote road safety. Each design and haiku delivers a safety message by focusing on a transportation mode.

Placed near eye level in high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools, the colorful signs draw attention to the critical importance of shared responsibility among pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in keeping New York City’s streets safe. Check out the twelve designs (pdf)

In many locations, the haikus are embedded in a QR code on the sign, readable with smartphone apps, making the safety messages interactive and fun to discover. In others, the signs are hung in pairs with the image and text from its accompanying haiku. Download a list of locations (pdf)

The campaign is a joint effort of DOT and the Safe Streets Fund, a public-private partnership dedicated to traffic safety education and awareness. Learn about DOT's other safety education projects Learn about DOT's other public art projects

Posters and signs from the campaign are available for sale from the Safe Streets Fund. All proceeds benefit traffic safety education and awareness.

Poster of yellow and blue Curbside Haiku.
Poster of orange and red Curbside Haiku.