DOT Art: Temporary Art Overview

DOT Art partners with community-based, nonprofit organizations and professional artists to present temporary public artwork on DOT property throughout the five boroughs for up to 11 months. Artists transform streets with colorful murals, dynamic projections and eye-catching sculptures. Sidewalks, fences, triangles, medians, bridges, jersey barriers, step streets, public plazas and pedestrianized spaces serve as canvases and foundations for temporary art. Over the past 11 years, DOT Art has produced over 300 temporary artworks citywide.

Artists are eligible to receive funding for artwork commissioned annually through our signature program, Community Commissions, as well as Special Project open calls announced in conjunction with high priority agency initiatives. Organizations are also invited to present artwork in partnership with an artist that is fully funded on self-selected DOT sites through the Arterventions program. DOT Art works closely with all organizations and artists to transform the streets from ordinary to extraordinary with artwork.

Current Projects

Community Partner and Site Call for Proposals: Rolling (deadline)

DOT Art invites interested nonprofit, community-based organizations (business improvement districts, artist-in-residence programs, art councils, museums, cultural institutions, community centers and nonprofit organizations focused on art, history, urban planning or architecture) to propose a location for temporary public art in their neighborhood. Selected sites and organizations will be included as a partner in an upcoming round of the Community Commissions program. The Community Commissions open call requests artists to propose art installations in response to identified priority sites. Up to $20,000 is provided toward direct project costs for sculptural work and up to $10,000 for two-dimensional work (murals, textile installations, etc.).

Applicants are advised to consider the following DOT site typologies when proposing a site: plazas, triangles/medians, sidewalks, fences, street light poles, bridges (concrete walls), step streets and asphalt pedestrian spaces. Visit Flickr to review examples of past project sites. Download Community Partner and Site Application (PDF)

King and Queen Size Bench by Jason Wallace. Presented with the Washington Heights Business Improvement District. Dykcman Street and Riverside Drive, Manhattan.
King and Queen Size Bench by Jason Wallace. Presented with the Washington Heights Business Improvement District. Dykcman Street and Riverside Drive, Manhattan.


Congratulations to the following five artists recently selected from the 2019 Community Commissions open call to implement murals and sculptures at the five priority sites in 2019 – 2020.

Bronx, Barrier located on E. 161st Street between Gerard Avenue and Concourse Village West
Artist, Katie Westmoreland in partnership with the 161st Street Business Improvement District

Brooklyn, Sidewalk located at Fulton Street and Van Sinderen Avenue
Artist, Julia Sinelnikova in partnership with the Local Development Corporation of East New York

Manhattan, Sidewalk Extension located at 116th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
Artist, Kenseth Armstead in partnership with Marcus Garvey Park Alliance

Queens, Bridge wall located at Purves Street and Jackson Avenue
Artist, Mon Iker in partnership with the Long Island City Partnership

Staten Island, Bridge wall located at Richmond Avenue and Drumgoole Road West
Artist, Queen Andrea (Andrea von Bujdoss) in partnership with Projectivity Group


Explore current temporary installations using our engaging map as your guide.
Download the DOT Art Current Project Map (PDF).

Community Commissions

Submission Deadline: To be announced
Community Commisions projects on Flickr

Through its signature program Community Commissions, DOT Art collaborates with community-based, nonprofit organizations to commission artists to design and install temporary artwork on DOT property that remains installed for 11 months. Each year, DOT Art releases an open call to solicit site ideas from community organizations and selects up to five priority sites to host artwork in partnership with those organizations. Artists are then invited to submit concepts in response to those priority sites through a formal open call. Selected artists are eligible to receive up to $20,000 towards project costs in addition to engineering support to fabricate and install the artwork. Partner organizations collaborate with DOT Art and the selected artists throughout the project phases, and must agree to maintain the artwork and remediate the site upon completion of the display period. DOT Art pursues unique project sites across all five boroughs, and explores new ways to collaborate with a diverse body of artists each year.

Chainlink fence with decals of orange people on it.
I am Here at Bay Street and Victory Boulevard, Staten Island by Harumi Ori. Presented with Staten Island MakerSpace. Bay Street and Victory Boulevard, Staten Island.

Special Project Open Calls

Submission Deadline: To be announced

Special Projects on Flickr

On an ongoing basis, DOT Art commissions temporary artwork in conjunction with high-priority agency initiatives that remain installed for up to 11 months at a given site. Sites and artwork types are proactivity identified and announced by DOT Art in response to annual requests gathered from DOT Borough Offices and Operating Units. Artists are eligible to submit temporary art proposals in response to specific open calls released throughout the year. Funding opportunities range from $2,500 to $20,000 dependent on project type and scale. DOT works with selected artists to maintain the artwork and remediate the sites upon completion of the display periods.

Examples may include:

Art Display Case Exhibitions: Rotating art exhibits printed and installed by DOT on standard cases within a plaza or on a large sidewalk

Asphalt Art Activations: Large-scale murals painted on newly pedestrianized asphalt street spaces

Barrier Beautification: Design treatments painted onto jersey barriers along protected bike lanes or active sidewalks

Construction Fence Banner Wraps: Artwork digitally printed onto vinyl mesh banners installed onto construction fencing surrounding reconstruction projects used to mitigate disruption to pedestrians and cyclists


Submission Deadline: Rolling
Download Arterventions 2019-2020 Application (PDF)
Download Site Selection Guidelines (PDF)
Arterventions projects on Flickr

DOT Art partners with galleries, arts and community organizations and business improvement districts to install existing or new artwork that is fully funded by the organization on self-selected DOT sites. Artwork typically remains on display for 3 to 6 months with a maximum period of 11 months. Proposals are typically associated with an exhibition on view in a neighboring gallery, or an artwork that has been produced in conjunction with a local festival. Interested organizations and artists must submit a joint application. Organizations are responsible for engineering review, artwork maintenance during the display period and site remediation upon completion of removal. DOT Art issues a list of example sites each year to provide direction to interested organizations and artists, and Site Selection Guidelines are also available as a resource when considering potential sites. Organizations are encouraged to email DOT Art to confirm site ownership in advance of submission.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but must be submitted at a minimum of 90 days in advance of the proposed installation date. Organizations should contact DOT Art as soon as possible if interested in presenting multiple works at a given time as part of an event or larger exhibition to ensure that the project deadline is attainable.

Structure in front of Flatiron building
Link by Jorge Palacios. Presented with the Noguchi Museum. Flatiron Plaza on Broadway and 23rd Street, Manhattan

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