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Press Release #05-01

DOT Opens Temporary Steinway Street Bridge

The temporary bridge is located over the footprint of the third of the bridge that was removed in July. It will be used for approximately 14 months, while the remaining two-thirds of the bridge will be rebuilt.

With this installation, traffic is now open for northbound Steinway Street traffic. Southbound traffic will continue to use the detour currently provided. After this portion of the bridge is rebuilt, there will be two lanes of traffic in each direction. After that, the temporary bridge will be removed and the final third of the bridge will be built.

“This opening will provide some much needed relief for the effected businesses,” said City Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr. “Obviously, more must be done, and we will all continue to work diligently to ensure that traffic flows efficiently until the entire bridge is reopened.”

“I am pleased that the Steinway Street temporary overpass has opened, and I look forward to the day it functions as it was – with vehicles in both directions and with pedestrian traffic,” said Assemblyman Michael N. Gianaris. “I am hopeful that the businesses in the area will now be able to get back on their feet.”

Weidlinger Associates is continuing its investigation into the July 23, 2004 , collapse at the bridge site.

There also will be a left turn restriction for trucks over 40 feet for eastbound Astoria Boulevard turning onto the Bridge.

Trucks over 40 feet that approach the bridge from northbound Steinway Street will be allowed to cross the bridge and proceed north.


Contact: Tom Cocola, (212) 442-7033