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Press Release #05-39

DOT and DOE Announce New Traffic Safety Education Program for 11 Schools In Brooklyn And Staten Island

The New York City Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Education (DOE) today announced a pilot traffic safety education program serving 11 elementary schools in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Schools in the program, which began on June 1st, are utilizing a week-long curriculum (pdf) to introduce students to various issues and concepts related to traffic, passenger, pedestrian, and bicycle safety. In addition, DOT has provided each student with a traffic safety map showing the streets, school crosswalks, and traffic signals in the neighborhood around their school, as well providing each classroom with a corresponding poster-sized aerial photograph of the neighborhood and traffic safety activity books. Students also will have the opportunity to attend a performance of DOT's "Apple Corps" interactive traffic safety theater. DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall and Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein made the announcement at P.S. 188 in Brooklyn.

"This initiative allows DOT to expand the reach of its traffic safety programs, which already reach thousands of children each year," said DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall. "Our traffic safety maps will be a valuable learning tool and will help our children safely navigate New York City's streets."

"This program should prove to be a valuable, practical learning experience for our youngsters and we welcome it," Chancellor Klein said. "We are grateful to Commissioner Weinshall and her team for their foresight and creativity and to Superintendent Michelle Fratti for her support in bringing this program to fruition."

The participating schools are in pdf format:

Other DOT programs related to traffic safety near schools include the Safe Routes to School project, which focuses on infrastructure improvements around schools throughout the City, with the development of traffic safety plans for 135 schools, and Safety City Learning Centers located in each of the five boroughs. In addition, next fall, DOT will introduce a new pilot program to study 15 mph zones around five schools in the Bronx.

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