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Press Release #05-61

One Way Conversions to Ease Congestion/Increase Safety for Hunts Point Residents

The New York City Department of Transportation today, in conjunction with the Hunts Point Task Force, announced that Oak Point and East Bay Avenues will be converted to one-way streets, effective August 27, 2005. The one-way circulation pattern and designated truck routes, both integral parts of the Hunts Point Vision Plan, will improve safety and reduce congestion and pollution.

At the recommendation of the Hunts Point Task Force, formed in 2003 and made up of a diverse group of business owners, residents, government agencies and local elected officials, Oak Point Avenue will operate one-way eastbound between Tiffany and Halleck Streets and East Bay Avenue will operate one-way westbound between Halleck and Tiffany Streets. Both roadways will have two travel lanes and angle parking on both sides of the street.

"The one-way conversions in Hunts Point will allow trucks to move in and out of the area with relative ease," said Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall. "The work we are doing in Hunts Point is a positive step towards a vibrant, revitalized neighborhood," she said.

The Hunts Point Vision Plan was developed by the Task Force to set a 20-year development agenda for the South Bronx. The Vision Plan consists of a set of specific initiatives to promote a vibrant cultural life, an accessible and attractive waterfront, a healthy residential community and a solid industrial base that provides good employment opportunities for local residents. For more information about the Hunt's Point Vision Plan, visit:

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