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Press Release #05-62

DOT Begins Installing Muni-Meters on Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) today began replacing the single space meters along Brighton Beach Avenue with muni-meters. When the work is complete in mid-November, 2005, DOT will have installed 64 muni-meters along Brighton Beach Avenue, and the intersecting streets, from Ocean Parkway to Corbin Place and removed 337 single space meters.

Muni-Meters are installed at intervals along the sidewalk and can increase the number of parking spaces along the curbside by as much as 15%, because motorists can use the entire regulated curbside and space is not lost due to the arbitrary spacing associated with single space meters. Muni-Meters also provide the benefits of cleaner, more open sidewalks for pedestrians and accurate time keeping and proof of payment for drivers.

"Muni-Meters are an example of the City using new technology to make peoples' lives a little easier," said DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall. "They increase the number of parking spaces and accept multiple forms of payment, including our pre-paid parking card."

To date, DOT has installed more than 1800 muni-meters throughout the City and removed roughly 9,000 traditional single space meters. Muni-Meters accept quarters, dollar coins and payments made with NYC Parking Cards, which can be purchased in $20 and $50 denominations through the DOT Web site, by mail and at City Store locations. A complete list of commercial and passenger vehicle muni-meter locations is available at the DOT Web site,