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Press Release #05-80

Bruckner Boulevard/Bruckner Expressway Traffic Advisory

The New York City Department of Transportation advises motorists of road closures on Bruckner Boulevard and the Bruckner Expressway from November 14-18th. The closures will facilitate roadway milling and paving operations made necessary by the commercial diesel tanker accident in this area last month. The Bruckner Boulevard northbound and eastbound service roadways between Hunts Point Avenue and Whittier Street will be closed nightly between 10 pm and 5 am from the night of November 14th to the morning of November 16th. The Bruckner Expressway northbound/eastbound between the Sheridan Expressway and Bronx River Avenue, including the Hunts Point entrance to the northbound Bruckner Expressway, will be closed nightly from 10 pm to 5 am between the night of November 16th and the morning of November 18th. Motorists are advised to follow the posted detours.

Bruckner Boulevard northbound/eastbound service roadway between Hunts Point Avenue and Whittier Street: This roadway will be closed from 10 pm to 5 am Monday night to Wednesday morning, November 14th to 16th, to facilitate NYCDOT roadway resurfacing. Motorists should follow the posted detour which directs them to turn right onto Hunts Point Avenue, left onto Garrison Avenue, left onto Edgewater Road, and then returns them to Bruckner Boulevard. Motorists may also enter the Bruckner Expressway northbound at Hunts Point Avenue.

Bruckner Expressway northbound/eastbound between Sheridan Expressway and Bronx River Avenue; Hunts Point Avenue entrance to northbound Bruckner Expressway: These roadways will be closed from 10 pm to 5 am Wednesday night to Friday morning, November 16 to 18th, to facilitate NYCDOT resurfacing. Motorists wishing to enter at Hunts Point Avenue must use the Bruckner Boulevard service road. Bruckner Expressway traffic must use the Sheridan Expressway, exit onto Westchester Avenue, make a right turn onto Bronx River Avenue, make a left turn onto the Bruckner Boulevard northbound service roadway and then re-enter the northbound Bruckner Expressway.


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Craig Chin