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Press Release #06-09

Contact: Kay Sarlin (212) 442-7033
Chris Gilbride

DOT Releases Preliminary Truck Study Recommendations

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) today unveiled several preliminary recommendations from its Truck Route Management and Community Impact Reductions Study. This agency led analysis seeks to coordinate engineering, education, information and enforcement efforts to mitigate the negative impacts of truck traffic and improve the City's overall truck management system. The recommendations, made by the engineering consulting firm Edwards and Kelcey Engineers, Inc., target five critical areas of truck route management: truck route signage, enforcement, engineering and routing improvements, regulatory and policy changes and education and community outreach.

"This is the most comprehensive step the City has taken in the last quarter century to address the impacts of truck traffic," said DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall. "It's a monumental undertaking, but we're confident that we will be successful in improving the truck route system and reducing the negative impacts of truck traffic in our residential neighborhoods."

Edwards and Kelcey's Recommendations Include:

'Local' Truck Route sign 'Thru' Truck Route sign 'To' Truck Route sign 'Except Local Deliveries' sign

New York City Truck Routes map Truck Regulations and Codes sign

The Department expects the draft consultant report, including more detailed recommendations, to be completed shortly and a third round of community forums to be held by the end of April. For a summary of the consultant's preliminary recommendations, please visit: