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Press Release #07-10

Contact: Kay Sarlin (212) 442-7033

DOT Begins Traffic Safety Campaign Backed by Ticket Blitz Around Schools in Queens

Over the next several months DOT will visit schools throughout the borough of Queens at arrival or dismissal times to remind parents of the dangers of illegally parking around schools. DOT employees will pass out cards to illegally parked motorists outside schools reminding them both of the hazardous conditions created by illegally parking their vehicles and of the fines for doing so. Parking in 'No Standing' zones (both at intersections and in front of schools), crosswalks, and double parking pose the single largest traffic risk to both children and motorists and are all punishable with a $115 fine. Following DOT visits to randomly selected schools, NYPD Precincts, Traffic Enforcement, and Borough Commands have jointly agreed to make unannounced ticketing blitzes at those same locations.

The enforcement initiative is designed to keep parents, staff and students safe outside schools during the drop-off and pick up times.