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Press Release #08-017

DOT Resurfaces Administration-High 950th Lane-Mile of Street This Fiscal Year

Additional paving crews this year have helped speed road resurfacing citywide

Recycled asphalt has saved the City $5 million in petroleum costs

New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan today announced that City paving crews have resurfaced the 950th lane-mile of City streets this fiscal year. This milestone marks the highest level for the Bloomberg Administration and an important goal of the Mayor's PlaNYC and DOT's strategic plan to ensure the health of the City's transportation infrastructure. In addition to repaving, DOT has kept the roads in a state of good repair by filling nearly 270,000 potholes in the last 12 months, all while using recycled asphalt produced in its own Hamilton Avenue plant.

"Keeping the streets in good condition is vital to the health and safety of our transportation network," said Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. "We are paving more roads each year than we have in over a decade and we are making them greener. In doing so, we are using 40% recycled asphalt in every road resurfacing. This saves the City $5 million a year."

This fiscal year, the Bloomberg administration increased paving funding by $11 million, from $97 million to $108 million, allowing for additional paving crews to maintain the City's more than 19,000 lane miles of streets. By using City-produced asphalt containing 40% recycled asphalt pavement, DOT is also saving 174,000 tons of milled asphalt from landfills, 840,000 barrels of oil that would have been used to produce asphalt cement and some 321,000 local truck miles traveled in the City carrying asphalt materials and carting away ripped-up pavement.

In FY07, DOT paved 900 lane miles, and it plans to pave 1,000 miles in the upcoming fiscal year with an increase in funding from $126.9 million to $132.5 million.