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Press Release #08-039


DOT completes conversion of street cleaning regulations for all of Brooklyn's community board 6

New, reduced regulations will take effect in Red Hook Oct. 13th, concluding the nearly five-month project

The New York City Department of Transportation today announced that the four-phase project to replace the approximately 8,000 street-cleaning signs in Brooklyn's Community Board 6 is complete and that new rules will take effect on Oct. 13th in Red Hook-the final neighborhood to receive the reduced regulations.

In many cases, residential street-cleaning parking restrictions in Board 6 were reduced from three-hour intervals to just 90 minutes, and from twice a week to just once a week, easing parking for local residents. On commercial corridors, some streets are now being cleaned more often and regulations are better coordinated to help ensure some curbside parking for local shoppers. The new rules were established by the Department of Sanitation.

In Red Hook, where sign replacement began on September 8th, the 1,400 newly posted street cleaning regulations will become enforceable on Monday, October 13th, giving residents two weeks to adjust to the new rules within the following borders:

Direction Streets
North: Summit Street (included) from Imlay Street to Van Brunt Street.
Hamilton Avenue (included) from Van Brunt Street to Smith Street.

East: Smith Street (included) from Hamilton Avenue to the water

South/West: The water from Smith Street to Summit Street

The four-phase project started May 19th in Park Slope, with temporary suspensions of street cleaning rules moving in phases from that neighborhood to Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook. With the project now concluding, no additional suspensions are scheduled.

For more information, contact 311 or visit the Department of Sanitation's Web site at, or contact Brooklyn Community Board 6 at (718) 643-3027 or online at