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Press Release #08-052

DOT Releases 2009 Alternate Side Parking calendar

New feature allows motorists to upload ASP dates to even more PDAs

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced that the 2009 Alternate Side Parking (ASP) Rules Suspension Calendar is now posted on its Web site at, and is available in formats that can be imported into Outlook and now into Google Calendar or iCal-three popular electronic calendar systems on Web-enabled mobile phones and other Portable Data Accessories (PDAs).

The calendar lists 34 legal and religious holidays in 2009 when ASP (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended. Motorists are encouraged to take advantage of a convenient feature that allows them to take the calendar on their PDA or to download a PDF version of the calendar from the DOT Web site.

In addition to these 34 holidays, ASP regulations may be suspended from time to time because of snow weather or other emergencies. Please visit our Web site at or dial 311 for further information.

Printed calendars may also be obtained by calling 311. For the hearing impaired, dial the TTY number (212) 504-4115.

The 2009 calendar follows:

2009 Alternate Side Parking (Street Cleaning) Rules Suspension Calendar

Holiday Date/Day
New Year's Day* January 1, Thurs
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday January 19, Mon
Asian Lunar New Year January 26, Mon
Lincoln's Birthday February 12, Thurs
Washington's Birthday (Pres. Day) February 16, Mon
Ash Wednesday February 25, Wed
Purim March 10, Tues
Holy Thursday April 9, Thurs
Good Friday April 10, Fri
Passover (1st/2nd Days) April 9-10, Thurs-Fri
Passover (7th/8th Days) April 15-16, Wed-Thurs
Holy Thursday (Orthodox) April 16, Thurs
Good Friday (Orthodox) April 17, Fri
Solemnity of the Ascension May 21, Thurs
Memorial Day* May 25, Mon
Shavuot (2 Days) May 29-30, Fri-Sat
Independence Day (Observed)* July 3, Fri
Independence Day* July 4, Sat
Feast of the Assumption August 15, Sat
Labor Day* September 7, Mon
Rosh Hashanah September 19-20, Sat-Sun
Idul-Fitr September 19-21, Sat-Mon
Yom Kippur September 28, Mon
Succoth (2 Days) October 3-4, Sat-Sun
Shemini Atzereth October 10, Sat
Simchas Torah October 11, Sun
Columbus Day October 12, Mon
Diwali October 17, Sat
All Saints Day November 1, Sun
Election Day November 3, Tues
Veterans Day November 11, Wed
Thanksgiving Day* November 26, Thurs
Idul-Adha November 26-28, Thu-Sat
Immaculate Conception December 8, Tues
Christmas Day* December 25, Fri
Asterisk (*) indicates Major Legal Holidays.  
On major legal holidays, stopping, standing, and parking are permitted, except in areas where stopping, standing, and parking rules are in effect 7 days a week (for example, "No Standing Anytime"). However, parking meters will not be in effect on major legal holidays.