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Press Release #09-044

NYC DOT and Transportation Alternatives Announce Second Annual Bike Friendly Business Competition

Awards recognize employers who support bike commuters and those who make their working cyclists safe

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) today announced the second annual Bike Friendly Business Competition in New York City is underway and called for entries. The competition recognizes businesses that take steps to encourage employees to bike to work and those that provide proper safety equipment and training to their delivery workers. The competition includes two categories of winners: businesses that promote commuting by bike and businesses that promote the safety of their working cyclists. The competition showcases contributions made by the private sector to make New York City friendlier for cyclists. DOT anticipates more entries than ever this year, as buildings ramp up to meet the requirements of the bike-access legislation, Local Law 52, which requires many office building owners to allow bicycle access to tenants on request and goes into effect in December.

"Businesses are recognizing that a work environment that encourages bicycling is simply good for business," said Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. "The Bike Friendly Business Competition recognizes those organizations who lead by example by promoting biking and bike safety and championing cycling as a way to get business done in the City."

"Much of what is making New York City a great biking town is taking place off the street," says Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives. "Businesses that support their employees biking to work or who set a high standard for their working cyclists are contributing to the cycling boom."

Last year's award winners include Credit Suisse, which was chosen for promoting bicycle commuting by providing exemplary indoor bike-parking facilities at its Midtown office buildings, and Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery, which was selected because of its use of cycles to deliver their treats instead of motor vehicles. Nominations can be made online at and will be accepted from now until Nov. 13, 2009. A breakdown of the criteria for the two Bike Friendly Business awards is below.

Bicycle Friendly Workplaces: Commuting Cyclists

Companies that promote bicycling for commuting via policies, practices and infrastructure including but not limited to:

  • Indoor bike parking
  • Employees are allowed to store their bikes near their desks
  • Showers / lockers
  • Loans or reimbursements for bicycle purchases
  • Free bicycle servicing
  • Office bike pools
  • Mileage allowances for cycling
  • Bike to Work Days

Bicycle Friendly Workplaces: Working Cyclists

Companies that use cyclists for all or part of their business operations and promote the safety, health and well-being of working cyclists and encourage working cyclists via policies and practices including but not limited to:

  • Providing employees with a bicycle helmet, bike lights and bell
  • Providing employees with upper body apparel with the business' name and operator's identification number
  • Holding a training class or providing training materials on the rules of the road - including the fact that cyclists must ride in the streets and not on the sidewalks
  • Providing health insurance to working cyclists and care if cyclists are injured during the course of the working day

To see city bike safety regulations, visit