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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Contact: Scott Gastel/Alana Morales (212) 839-4850

Statement from NYC DOT Commissioner Hank Gutman on the DVAP Program

“In my testimony before the City Council, soon after I took office, I publicly committed that we would start the DVAP classes this fall - and that is exactly what will happen. The Mayor and I agree that this program is vitally important to help save lives and get dangerous drivers off our streets, so we’re moving with urgency to get this program up and running as soon as possible. What is missing from this conversation is the need for enhanced enforcement to counter the pandemic of reckless driving in our city and across the nation.

“We are again calling for Albany to expand our ability to use automated enforcement and to pass other legislation that will help get dangerous drivers off our roads before they kill. While the DOT continues to do everything we can to make our streets safer through education programs and street redesigns, we are not a law enforcement agency. As always, Vision Zero cannot succeed without the continued commitment and cooperation of our partners in the law enforcement agencies.”