Summer Streets - Car Free NYC: Earth Day

Car Free Earth Day Programming Roster 2019


Meet NYC Wildlife/You Can Help Local Wildlife: In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, DOT will install a series of temporary art signs on street light poles running up and down the event route from Times Square to Union Square drawing attention to the local wildlife that New Yorkers share the streets with and live amongst, as well as calls to action to improve our environment to safeguard the wildlife and natural environment, which makes our city great. Materials for this street exhibition were created using the illustrations in the interpretive graphics of the New York Aquarium's Donald Zucker and Barbara Hrbek Zucker Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibit, by Jonathan Woodward with supportive elements from the Bronx Zoo’s Children’s Zoo by Brendan Wenzel. These interpretations connect the public with the marine and coastal environment of New York City and promotes the daily actions to help preserve the City’s treasures.

The New York Aquarium strives to inspire a diverse and inclusive movement of conservation advocates by sparking a connection with animals and nature, hands-on investigation, and engaging constituents in stewardship and action to conserve wildlife within our oceans. Through our work and campaigns, we inspire children, adults and entire communities to translate our global and citywide initiatives into hyperlocal calls to action. This connection between the public and our oceans is based on the field research and policy that New York Aquarium conservation scientists are doing right off shore in the waters of New York. The work of our scientists in the New York Seascape program-- including shark and whale tagging, ecological monitoring, and protection of local habitat-- continues a legacy of ocean science at the Aquarium.

Marking a comeback after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we triumphantly opened our newest exhibit Ocean Wonders: Sharks! in the summer of 2018. This state of the art exhibit features sharks from around the world with a focus on the wildlife-- including rays, turtles, and vast schools of fish-- that inhabits the waters right here in the City of Islands. With its location on the beach at Coney Island, and its work to practice conservation locally, the New York Aquarium has a unique role connecting people to wildlife. Currently, the Aquarium is home to over 350 species of marine wildlife, including 18 different kinds of sharks and ray species.

Union Square Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza: 17th to 18th Streets (Fitness & Walking Tour)

10:00 am Wilber Escobar: (ZUMBA)
A dynamic dance fitness program including Caribbean and Latin rhythms
11:00 am Bryan Davis (Dance HIIT)
A NYHRC exclusive choreographed dance class that blends dance with HIIT intervals for a challenging dance party workout
12:00 pm Ebonny Fowler (ZUMBA)
A dynamic dance fitness program including Caribbean and Latin rhythm
1:00 pm Corinne Tate (Hip Hop)
A high energy choreographed dance class to the latested Hip Hop and R&B tunes
2:00 pm Sherrod Williamson: (ZUMBA)
A dynamic dance fitness program including Caribbean and Latin rhythms


12 pm – 1:30 pm
Union Square & Gramercy Park
Meeting Point, NE corner of 17th Street and Broadway

Constructed in the decades before the American Civil War, the area around Gramercy Park and Union Square has been an epicenter of NYC history for almost two centuries! From the refined residential streets and the private space of Gramercy Park to the vibrant, bustling streets of Union Square, this walk explores some of New York City’s most iconic people, places, and events of the 19th and 20th centuries. Stops could include: the former Tammany Hall headquarters and the Players Club, along with sites associated with the Civil War Draft Riots, Emma Goldman, Stanford White, Peter Cooper, Theodore Roosevelt, and Andy Warhol.

Tours may accommodate a maximum of 30 individuals. Please arrive early to secure your spot as this activity is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

19th to 20th Streets (Pop-up Landscape Intervention)

Future Streets for Car Free Earth Day: While city streets comprise large amounts of public land, many of our streets today privilege the private automobile. As new transportation modes are introduced in cities, there is a potential for new, more efficient, more valuable and more equitable configuration models for this public land. This exhibition, sponsored by the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as well as the professional associations for landscape architects (ASLA) and urban planners (APA), is a mock-up of a series of ideas for a future Broadway, in which the street functions as social public space, privileging the pedestrian experience. "Future Streets" will engage Car-Free Earth Day participants in an immersive experience focused on public right-of-way design. The design will feature temporary potted plantings on Broadway’s surface; an engagement booth with exhibition boards illustrating potential street designs and precedent images from around the world; places for musicians to entertain, as well as moveable tables and chairs open to the public; and grassy play areas.

Flatiron Rest Stop

Flatiron Plaza: 21st to 22nd Streets (Bike Programming)

Citi Bike Experience: Stop by the Citi Bike booth on Broadway & 22nd St to learn about Citi Bike and sign up for a membership. New and existing members are eligible for a special gift today only! In celebration of Car Free Earth Day, all visitors will get a complimentary Day Pass!

Flatiron Plaza South: 22nd to 23rd Streets (Demonstrations & Workshops)

Engage in Solutions to Climate Change: Learn the solutions to Climate Change and participate in the workshop, “Write Your Member of Congress”. Citizens’ Climate Lobby creates the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in personal and political power.


El-Space: Creating Dynamic Places Under the Elevated: Design Trust for Public Space has partnered with the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to enhance, activate and reclaim spaces under or adjacent to elevated bridges, highways and subway and rail lines citywide. “El-Spaces” have captured people’s imaginations across the city, the nation and the world; through the “Under the Elevated” collaboration between the Design Trust and DOT, we’ll increasingly show how these spaces can reconnect communities and make cities more dynamic, livable and sustainable.


Earth Day Initiative’s Do Just 1 Thing: Earth Day Initiative’s Do Just 1 Thing program empowers people to take positive environmental actions in their own lives and share their own sustainability stories solutions they see or would like to see in their own lives. Come check out how you can engage and make a positive impact as we count down to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020.


Time Traveling through NYC’s Climate History: Throughout geologic time, water has moved from the world’s oceans into the ice sheets and then back again from the ice sheets into the world’s oceans. Each time this occurs, sea levels change, causing the climate and living conditions to change as well. Look into New York City’s climate history to discover what life would have been like in different climates and time periods.


Bioluminescent Fireflies: Hk Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) is a full-day summer enrichment program during which our HYPOTHEkids conduct experiments, create projects, meet practicing scientists and engineers, and take trips based on the theme of the week! Come get a taste of summer during Car Free Earth Day!


Play Fair for Parks: Learn more about New Yorkers for Parks’ new Play Fair campaign for parks! Participants will learn more about how to engage in park and open space advocacy, and how to reach their decision-makers. NY4P is also soliciting public input into the design of our new District Profiles, a citywide resource that provides data about open space and park access for every neighborhood in the five boroughs.


SDG’s in My City: The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has been operating since 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General and mobilizes global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. The SDGs, adopted by all countries in 2015, are 17 goals that provide a holistic framework, applicable to all countries, aiming to eradicate poverty and deprivation, but also to grow our economies, to protect our environment, and to promote peace and good governance. As part of Car Free Earth Day, SDSN will run an interactive booth where the public can engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The booth will offer fun activities for all ages, including educational resource giveaways. Our booth will feature a spinning wheel with all 17 SDGs and participants will receive an invitation to partake in a personal practical behavior change activity.


The Wildlife Conservation Society New York Seascape Program: The WCS New York Seascape Program addresses pressing marine conservation issues within the 16,000 square miles of ocean from Montauk, New York, to Cape May, New Jersey, and the Long Island Sound. This area remains an ecological treasure trove, providing critical migration routes for globally threatened animals. Yet, with over 20 million people along the coastline, as well as shipping, energy development, and commercial and recreational fishing, these are among the busiest waters in the world. The New York Seascape program's objectives are to restore populations of depleted marine species (currently sharks, whales, and American eels), protect key coastal and offshore habitats, and inspire and build a diverse, vocal constituency for marine conservation. WCS works to achieve these outcomes through field research, policy initiatives, and education and outreach efforts.

Flatiron Plaza North: 23rd to 24th Streets (Fitness & Performances)
Flatiron Fitness and Performance Schedule
9:00 am WRKNYC
WRKNYC FITFAM Bootcamp: Join WRKNYC for an outdoor WRKout for the community. Our family-friendly Bootcamp will include all body-weight exercises that welcome all fitness levels!
10:00 am POPFIT KIDS
Functional Fitness with PopFit Kids: Get ready for an action packed healthy adventure with high-energy fitness fun and good-for-you games that kids can share with the whole family. Through high-energy circuit activities, dynamic drills, obstacle course play and more, this session will get kids moving and hit on the PopFit Five: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance.
Exhale Barre plus Cardio with Rachael Leitson: Break a sweat, and have fun in all in one intense, efficient, barre-meets-cardio class.
Vibrate Higher’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Lead by expert yogi and Founder of Vibrate Higher and Vibrate Higher Foundation, Sandra Thelusmond, this class includes all levels of invigorating and strengthening vinyasa flow, which blends core work, power holds, arm balances and creative sequences. This class is designed to improve your endurance while realigning your body and mind. All levels are welcome as modifications are offered for accessibility. Participants also receive a free gift from the Vibrate Higher brand.
Fogo Azul NYC is NYC’s favorite all women drumline, 90 members strong! For years, women were forced to dance, while the men drummed. Fogo Azul NYC breaks this stereotype and strives to make drumming accessible to all female identified individuals. Find them on social media as “Fogo Azul NY”.
2:00 pm ARTICHOKE DANCE (Signature Dance Performance)
Overflow and Visioning Bodies: Artichoke Dance Company, one of the nation’s leading eco-arts performing groups, presents highlights from their water-focused series of works. "Overflow", created in response to Hurricane Sandy, reflects oceanic currents and rising tide patterns; Proteus imagines a world submerged underwater; and "Visioning Bodies", commissioned around Los Angeles River revitalization, is a contemporary folk dance for a resilient future. @ArtichokeDance #ArtichokeDance

Fueled by GoGo squeeZ: GoGo squeeZ offers squeezable, go-anywhere pouches that nourish kids with 100% real fruit and gives them the freedom to explore the world around them. GoGo squeeZ makes it easier for families to be a little happier and healthier every day and fuels active minds and bodies, giving them the freedom to BE, so they can BE anything. GoGo squeeZ. 100% Fruit. Applesauce on the Go. Stop by GoGo squeeZ’s tent throughout the day to grab a pouch!

Worth Square: 24th to 25th Streets (Fitness & Walking Tour)

Parkour & Play with The Movement Creative: The Movement Creative will build a pop-up parkour playground that encourages family-friendly, creative movement via a unique obstacle course that will challenge balance, strength, jumping, and climbing skills. Our experienced coaches will share their favorite movement games and skills while providing individualized challenges. The Movement Creative is a nomadic movement studio in New York City that blends the ethos and practice of parkour with a variety of eclectic movement disciplines. The outdoors is our gym, and we use our city to make us stronger.


Go! Sports Inline Skate Y Skateboard Rentals and Clinics: Go! Sports USA will provide free skate rentals and "Learn to Skate" clinics at its #SkateStation for #CarFreeNYC 2019. As a licensed Department of Education vendor, Go! Sports USA runs year round sports and media arts programming in schools across NYC as well as private & special events for the action and roller sports communities at large.


11 AM – 12:30 AM
Art, Literature and Rock & Roll: New York on the Cultural Edge
Meeting Point, Broadway between 24th Street and 25th Street (Worth Monument)

Whether you are thinking of the Ashcan Artists of the early 20th century or the punk rockers of the 1970s, New York is a city that has been on America’s cutting edge for over a century. New York City has been instrumental in shaping the world’s cultural landscape, often by pushing the boundaries of respectability. Join us as we explore New York’s cultural edge beyond Greenwich Village, from the site of Stanford White’s 1890 Madison Square Garden (and where he was murdered) to Bill Graham’s “Church of Rock and Roll". Along the way we will explore the many waves of artists, musicians, and cultural figures who have found creative expression in the City. Stops could include: The Palladium/Academy of Music, Paresis Hall, the 69th Regiment Armory, and Max’s Kansas City, as well as sites associated with Alfred Stieglitz, Patti Smith, Led Zeppelin, and Evelyn Nesbit.

Tours may accommodate a maximum of 30 individuals. Please arrive early to secure your spot as this activity is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

City Zone Rest Stop

City Zone: 25th to 26th Streets (Demonstrations & Workshops)

Planning with Ecology: On Earth Day 2019, join NYC Planning to explore some of its exciting efforts around natural resource planning in New York City. Since the 1970s, City Planning has worked to ensure a balance between development and nature, especially in ecologically rich neighborhoods of Staten Island and the Bronx. As part of these ongoing efforts, City Planning has undertaken research on best practices in natural resource preservation and environmental science, which it would like to share with a broader audience. Using a combination of drawings, models, and video, the Department of City Planning’s 2019 Earth Day activity, "Planning with Ecology", helps New Yorkers explore the intersection between urban planning and ecology, promoting a more holistic understanding of how New York City has been shaped, and continues to be shaped, by its rich ecological history. More information on this effort is available here:


New York City Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway Program: New York City Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway Program provides opportunities for individuals, organizations, and businesses to participate in the cleaning and greening of New York City. The Adopt-A-Highway Program seeks to stimulate the public’s sense of environmental and social responsibility. Visit the Adopt-A-Highway tent to learn all about the program and receive a free gift.


NYC’s Energy Efficient Street Lights: DOT’s Energy Team works to support the City’s and the Agency’s OneNYC 80x50 Greenhouse Gas emission goals, to reduce the city’s energy use 80% by 2050. The Energy Team will showcase an interactive display of DOT’s new LED street lights, showing how much more energy efficient they are compared to the old High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights. Come see the City’s street lights close up!


NYC Parks’ Wildlife Unit: NYC Parks’ Wildlife Unit promotes coexistence between people and urban wildlife. The unit is an informed resource for citizens, and will be available to answer your questions about living with urban wildlife. Visitors can also participate in a brief coexistence game where players must choose between different behavior responses in order to solve a human/wildlife dilemma.


NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission: Learn more about the TLC’s Accessibility programs and the TLC’s new Office of Inclusion. All car services operating in New York City are required to provide wheelchair accessible service, including apps like Uber and Lyft. The TLC Office of Inclusion is responsible for providing outreach, education, reporting, and spearheading new policies and initiatives around combating service refusals. Visitors to the TLC table can learn more about these new programs, TLC rules, and how to report refusals.


Small Steps, Big Strides: GreeNYC is dedicated to educating, engaging and mobilizing New Yorkers to help New York City meet its ambitious sustainability goals of generating zero waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the year 2050. Come visit to learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

City Zone: 26th to 27th Streets (Demonstrations & Workshops)

DEP Water-On-The-Go: The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) holds the critical mission of enriching the environment and protecting public health for all New Yorkers by providing high quality drinking water, managing wastewater and stormwater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. Since 2010, DEP has placed portable Water-On-the-Go drinking fountains around the city during the summer months to promote the high quality of NYC Water and to offer it as an economical, healthy, and environmentally responsible alternative to bottled water and sugary beverages.


Explore Air Quality, Climate, and Heath in NYC: The New York City Health Department works hard to protect New Yorkers by monitoring air quality across the city through its New York City Community Air Survey and engaging with communities through citizen science projects. Additionally, the Health Department wants to make sure all communities are prepared for extreme heat this summer. Stop by the Health Department’s booth to learn more about air pollution and health, steps you can take to keep yourself and your community safe during high summer heat, and test out some of our citizen science technologies!


NYC Department of Sanitation: The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) keeps New York City healthy, safe and clean. DSNY’s goal to contribute zero waste to landfills by 2030 helps New Yorkers protect our environment. Visit DSNY to receive a free reusable bag while supplies last!

Herald Square Rest Stop

6th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets (Fitness)
Herald Square Fitness Class
Broadway Plaza: 34th to 35th Streets (Fitness)
Hearald Square Fitness Schedule
9:00 am JANE DO
10:00 am JANE DO
Broadway Plaza: 35th to 36th Streets (Transportation Advocacy Programming)

5BBC: New York’s Friendliest Bike Club: Offering a selection of weekly rides at all levels of challenge through the year. There is no better place than with 5BBC to get comfortable riding the streets of NYC, exploring within and outside the five boroughs and making new friends. 5BBC will have an expert on-site discussing how to fix a flat!


Green Travel Options: Visit the 511NY Rideshare booth at Herald Square for free Bike, Rideshare & Transit resources! Get green travel options to get to work or college, connect with travelers in your neighborhood and join the Clean Air NY info system!


ABC Quick Check: Bike New York will teach an easy pre-ride bike safety check called, ABC Quick Check. It is a simple and easy to remember bike inspection process including learning proper tire inflation for a safe, smooth and efficient ride.


Cycling with inTandem: InTandem's mission is to provide free, year-round tandem cycling programs to people who are blind, have low vision, or cannot ride independently due to other disabilities. inTandem rides in Central Park every Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Come join us!


Move Midtown Campaign: Curbside Potential: What's your idea for the future of Midtown's curbs, the place where streets and sidewalks meet? Our campaign to #MoveMidtown is a neighborhood where people walking, biking and taking mass transit come first. Your imagination can unlock gridlock, and transform Manhattan's precious curb-space into a more productive place for all New Yorkers. What services, amenities, or other futures do you envision?


Bicycle and Greenway Program, NYC DOT: Plan your next bike ride with a DOT Bike Planner using the NYC Bike Map. Learn about NYC Ride app and help DOT plan. Don’t forget to grab a biking tote bag while supplies last.


Bike Lights and Bells Giveaway: In its effort to lower traffic fatalities and injuries, NYCDOT Vision Zero provides information to the public to promote safety while biking. Stop by to grab a postcard on Bike Laws and Safety Tips, as well as your very own Bike Map and Bike Smarts, bike lights and bells, for safer riding provided by DOT Safety Education & Outreach.


Better Buses, Better City: NYCDOT’s Transit Development Group is responsible for on-the-ground projects that provide faster, more reliable bus service throughout New York City. We will be handing out Select Bus Service (SBS) branded gear, answering questions about how to use SBS and bus lanes, and providing information on other projects we are working on to improve your bus ride. Come take a photo in the driver’s seat with our bus cutout photo board!

Garment Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza: 37th to 38th Streets (Transportation Programming)

Electric Bus Exhibit: MTA New York City Transit will be exhibiting an all-electric bus that participants will be able to board and explore. The new zero-emission, all-electric buses support environmental sustainability, are quieter than traditional buses, and feature amenities such as digital information screens, Wi-Fi and USB ports to enhance the customer experience. All-electric buses are currently being piloted on the M42 and M50 in Manhattan, and the B32 and B39 in Brooklyn. Later this year, all-electric buses will also start operating on the M14. This pilot will help inform our next procurement for more all-electric buses.

Broadway Plaza: 38th to 39th Streets (Performances)
Join Ori Manea for a performance of traditional Tahitian Polynesian dance related to the Earth and its different elements (water, wind, flora and fauna). Following the performances, a dance workshop will be offered to the public.
Learn to juggle recycled objects like tennis balls and soda bottles with the Bryant Park Jugglers. Join for a quick lesson, stay for the whole time, or just enjoy watching them put their skills to the test.
Rockness Music brings original, award winning music that is high energy, interactive, educational and most of all FUN to their shows, school enrichments, birthday parties and Parent & Me classes. During a Rockness show, the stage disappears and everyone is a part of the action.
New York Mindful Capoeira Center (NYMCC) features experienced capoeiristas of all ages demonstrating free-style capoeira games with traditional live music and songs. Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial art hidden in dance created by enslaved Africans in Brazil.
Cobra Performing Arts programs include: Marching Cobras Drumline and Sapphire Danceline. Both of these programs have traveled nationally and internationally and each feature New York City’s talented youth.
Broadway Plaza: 39th to 40th Streets (Art & Crafts Workshops)

Make Art not Trash: Coffee cup lids become the scales of a stegosaurus and straws, the pipes of a fountain. Things ordinarily thrown away are given to teams or individuals as the building blocks of desktop sculpture. Only child-safe materials are used, and all have been thoroughly cleaned. And if you need inspiration, a resident artist or crafts person is there to suggest what might be done. Participants take home their creations. Green: Inspired: Art exists to help with the use of everyday discards.


KoKo Powers the City: KoKo NYC invites kids ages 5+ to join us in activating our kid-made bike generator! Come build robotic inventions using reclaimed materials (recyclable, discarded electronics, etc) and use the bike generator to bring the robots to life making them blink, vibrate and move around. Through this hands-on activity, kids will discover that they can take “trash” and turn it into something extraordinary while learning about renewable energy that they themselves can create.


The Manhattan Borough Historian’s History Quiz Game: How well do you know your city? Quizmaster and Manhattan Borough Historian, Michael Miscione, will pose questions about the history, geography, and culture of New York. Some will be easy. Some will be hard. Some will be in between. If you score enough points you'll win a NYC sewer alligator!


Green Printing: Printing Green: A group of printmakers representing Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC) and organized by Kathy Caraccio, will be demonstrating sustainable printmaking practices. Our team will be using a small hand cranked press to teach two types of printmaking processes- dry point and monotype. All materials will be provided to have passersby learn analog techniques and produce small fine art prints to take home.


Paper City: Participants at the Materials for the Arts Re-use Art Booth get to join in building a collaborative, detailed, 3-D model, “Paper City” from a wide variety of re-used paper collage materials including old maps, postcards, plastic and more!


Hands-on Papermaking Workshop: Join artist Nancy Benignus to learn how to recycle scrap paper into beautiful handmade paper. It can be used to make cards or for art projects. Create a piece of paper to take home with you.


The Artist and the Environment: A perspective on how contemporary art can contribute to the efforts to safeguard the environment. The artist will share with the public his works in progress and demonstrate the creative genesis, the techniques, the meaning and objectives.

Broadway Plaza: 40th to 41st Streets (Public Art Installation)

14,000 Reasons: In Willie Cole’s art, recycling becomes reincarnation; giving discarded things new life. For Car Free Earth Day, Willie Cole will reconfigure 11,000 plastic water bottles into two works of art. The first, titled, "H20 TBR" is made from 4,000 bottles that have been fashioned into a life-size automobile. The second, titled, "Big Drink of Water", turns 7000 recycled water bottles into a 25 foot tall giant. Plastic bottles, the vessels that conveniently deliver clean water to us daily, have become an environmental menace. Willie Cole’s works, viewed conceptually and contextually, make that threat abundantly clear, while at the same time, with the addition of sunlight, make it all seem a bit brighter.

Times Square Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza: 43rd to 44th Streets (Dance Performances)

Project Dance: Project Dance gathers professional, pre-professional and aspiring dancers for training, performances and networking in major cities around the globe. The pinnacle of our New York City event is an all-day open air dance concert that is free to the public featuring local and international dance artistry in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and tap. Dancers gather with the common vision of bringing hope and healing to our city through the universal language of dance.

Broadway Plaza: 46th to 47th Streets (Historical Walking tour)

10 am – 11:30 am
Historic Times Square
Meeting Point, 47th Street and Broadway (Duffy Square/Red Staircase)

Although we now know Times Square as “The Crossroads of the World,” this vibrant neighborhood has many layers of identity hidden beneath its shiny facade. On this walk, you’ll learn about the ups and downs of the heart of Manhattan, from its days as Longacre Square, the center of New York’s horse and carriage trade through the gritty, seedy mid-20th century, when 42nd Street was lined with go-go bars and peep shows and was described by the New York Times as “the worst block in town.” We will explore the history of legendary theaters, grand hotels, and lavish movie palaces and see how, even in the midst of massive redevelopment, traces of “old” Times Square remain hidden in plain sight. Stops may include: the former site of the American Horse Exchange, the Astor Hotel, the Paramount Building, the Lamb’s Club, the former Aeolian Hall, and sites associated with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Flo Zeigfeld, Mary Pickford, and many others.

Tours may accommodate a maximum of 30 individuals. Please arrive early to secure your spot as this activity is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.