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The New York City Carbon Challenge
The New York City Carbon Challenge

About the Challenge

The NYC Carbon Challenge is a voluntary leadership initiative and public-private partnership between the NYC Mayor’s Office and leaders in the private, institutional, and non-profit sectors who have committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% or more over ten years. The Mayor’s Office provides programmatic support and resources to assist participants in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions and help the City achieve its goal of reducing citywide emissions 80% by 2050. Participants are recognized, promoted, and celebrated for their progress in the program as they pursue different energy efficiency improvements, efficient on-site generation, and sustainability initiatives

Over 100 participants have taken the NYC Carbon Challenge pledge, including the City’s largest universities, hospitals, commercial owners and tenants, residential property management firms, and hotels. In total, current participants account for over 500 million square feet of real estate, or more than 9 percent of citywide building square footage.

The NYC Carbon Challenge works by inspiring a high-level commitment within organizations. As participants explore new ideas and opportunities to meet the Challenge goal, they will also reveal effective strategies for energy efficiency that can be scaled up across New York City and beyond.


The Carbon Challenge participants have moved aggressively to cut their energy use and emissions. In fact, 21 participants have already met the 30 percent goal, and 19 universities, hospitals, and commercial offices have expanded their commitment to a 50 percent reduction by 2025. Altogether, participants have cut their annual emissions by 580,000 metric tons of carbon and are collectively saving almost $190 million annually in lower energy costs. By the end of the program, current participants are projected to reduce citywide emissions by nearly 1,500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent– the equivalent of taking more than 300,000 cars off the roads – and result in an estimated $700 million in energy cost savings.

Learn how these early achievers met the Carbon Challenge goal:

Press and Announcements

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