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New York University
New York University

NYU accepted the NYC Carbon Challenge in 2007. In just five years, NYU cut emissions 30% from 2006 levels. Now, NYU has set out to cut its emissions in half by the end of the Challenge.

To meet the 30% goal, NYU:

  • Constructed a 13.8 MW cogeneration facility
  • Retrofitted and upgraded outdated building equipment
  • Installed occupancy sensors for lighting, heating, and cooling
  • Expanded the use of building management systems
  • Trained equipment operators in energy efficiency
  • Minimized use of heavy fuel oils for heating
  • Installed ENERGY STAR boilers, printers and computers
  • Built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) standards for new construction
  • Engaged students, faculty and staff to use less energy

Total Savings: $11-14 million per year


Highlight: Cogeneration Plant
NYU completed a cutting-edge, high-efficiency cogeneration plant in 2011 at a cost of $125 million, which was the largest capital investment in the university’s history. The plant provides heating, cooling and electricity to 40 NYU buildings, providing half the campus with more efficient energy and helping to prevent brownouts by taking pressure off the city’s electrical grid. The plant cuts NYU’s emissions by more than 20 percent, cuts air pollutants by 68 percent, and doubles the power output of the previous system. The cogeneration plant is expected to save $5-8 million per year, freeing up resources for further energy-saving retrofits and academic purposes.

“Seldom have I seen an initiative unite and motivate our campus more than our green efforts. From declines in electrical consumption to increases in recycling, from our new co-gen plant's reductions in greenhouse emissions to expansion of bicycle riding, the commitment to meeting the challenges of climate change is not only an institutional priority at NYU, but a widespread and very personal one as well.”
John Sexton, President, New York University

Learn more about NYU’s sustainability initiatives here.

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