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Enacted Proposals
Photo Credit: Tom Sahagian
GCTF Enacted Proposals

The City is working to enact the 111 recommendations made by the Green Codes Task Force. In February 2012, two years after the release of the Task Force proposals, 29 of the proposals have been incorporated and many more are in the process. Cumulatively, these new laws and regulations will improve our air quality, reduce our carbon emissions, keep waste out of landfills and clean our harbor by detaining more stormwater through green technologies. Some of the impacts are immediate, and most are substantial. Already, 2,100 architects and engineers have been trained in the energy code, and after 2015, 100,000 tons of asphalt waste will annually be diverted from landfills. By 2030, they will have generated the following annual improvements: 5 percent less citywide carbon emissions, 10 percent lower lighting energy costs and 30 Central Park Reservoirs worth of water conserved.

As of April 2015, 53 of the 111 recommendations have been enacted or partially enacted. 

Legal Language
Below is a list of enacted proposals and downloads for corresponding legal language; see detailed proposals in GCTF Proposals. Urban Green Council (the New York Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council) provides a helpful legislative tracker and other GCTF related information on their GCTF page.

Overarching Code Issues (OC): 3 enacted, 2 partially enacted 


Partially Enacted:

Building Resiliency (BR): 6 enacted


Energy & Carbon Emissions: Energy Efficiency (EE): 10 enacted

Energy & Carbon Emissions: Fundamentals (EF): 9 enacted

Energy & Carbon Emissions: Operations & Maintenance (EO): 2 enacted

Health & Toxicity (HT): 9 enacted 

Resource Conservation (RC): 2 enacted

Stormwater (SW): 4 enacted, 1 partially enacted


Partially Enacted:

Urban Ecology (UE): 1 enacted, 1 partially enacted

Partially Enacted:

Water Efficiency (WE): 3 enacted Other Resources
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