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Zone Green
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Zone Green

The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) has launched a citywide initiative called Zone Green that will unlock opportunities for building owners to make sustainable investments in new and existing buildings. Zone Green is a set of amendments to zoning regulations, accompanied by supporting City and State legislation, to remove impediments to the construction and retrofitting of green buildings. By empowering property owners to build or retrofit buildings to 21st century standards, Zone Green will help New Yorkers:
  • Save energy and money
  • Generate clean and renewable energy
  • Manage stormwater
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Grow fresh, local food
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Promote a healthier and greener city
Building on several recommendations from the Green Codes Task Force, Zone Green promotes a wide range of green features for both existing and new buildings:

Energy-efficient building walls
  • Allow external insulation of existing buildings.
  • Remove floor area penalties for thicker, highly efficient exterior walls when new buildings outperform City energy code.
  • Allow greater flexibility for location of efficient air conditioning equipment.
Sun control devices
  • Allow shading of windows to reduce summer cooling needs.
Rooftop features
  • Allow solar electric and hot water systems to extend above a height limit.
  • Allow greater flexibility for other green features on rooftops, including stormwater management equipment, recreational decks, green roofs and systems such as boilers or cogeneration systems.
  • Allow additional flexibility for small wind on tall buildings and on waterfront blocks.
  • Encourage educational and food production-oriented rooftop greenhouses.
For more information, visit Zone Green.
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