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Building Energy Exchange
Building Energy Exchange

The Building Energy Exchange (BEEx) is an independent nonprofit driving energy efficiency in the built environment through the first-of-its-kind resource center in downtown Manhattan. BEEx acts as a hub for activities that help building owners, operators, and designers save money and help reduce pollution and carbon emissions through energy efficiency measures. Through education, exhibits, targeted research, and critical tools, BEEx aims to advance the energy efficiency of buildings, directly supporting the City and the State’s ambitious climate action plans.

The Exchange

BEEx is both a place and an objective. Located in the Surrogate’s Courthouse in downtown Manhattan, the resource center, called the Exchange, is a hub for building stakeholders to learn about new technologies, convene with other industry leaders, and collaborate on leading energy efficiency projects. Many like-minded organizations host their events and trainings at the Exchange, making the center an optimal location for collaboration. The Exchange features training and meeting rooms, a large classroom, and demonstration spaces. BEEx events and those of like-minded organizations drawn thousands to the Exchange since its opening in 2014. The Exchange will expand in 2016 to include a large 100-seat classroom, multiple training rooms, and a demonstration room with multiple interactive exhibits on energy efficiency.

 Through these activities, BEEx will be critical in helping to achieve the 80 percent citywide greenhouse gas emissions reductions targeted by OneNYC. The benefits of BEEx are vast: dramatically reduced energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution; millions of dollars saved in electricity costs; and better lit and more productive spaces. As an international capital of design, lighting, and real estate, New York City will gain from BEEx's benefits and will remain a world leader in these fields.


BEEx delivers highly regarded forums and trainings that educate the industry, drive action, and spur collaboration. BEEx also accelerate change through stakeholder engagement, convening market actors, and hosting events of partner organizations. These programs in the form of roundtables, networking events, trainings, and forums, showcase energy efficiency best practices, clean technology, and global sustainability.

Some program highlights include:

  • Green Light Trainings – A concise four-part training series on lighting retrofits using today’s codes, technologies, and resources
  • WISE: Women in Sustainability and Energy – Launched in March 2015, this program series feature inspirational women leaders who accelerate sustainability programs and energy agendas. Over 300 people have attended the series, reaching over 160,000 people on social media

 View their upcoming events here, and browse through past event resource such as presentations and videos here.

Exhibits & Projects

From proof-of-concept demonstration projects to educational exhibits on best practices, BEEx’s work showcases new technologies and provides innovative resources to enable widespread adoption of energy efficiency.

BEEx exhibits feature key concepts and technologies and includes:

  • Lights, Center, Action! – exhibit showcasing the technology and savings from BEEx’s own lighting retrofit
  • Lighting the Future – interactive exhibit showcasing the “state of the shelf” controls, fixtures, and shading technologies that are being tested in the Living Lab demonstration project
  • Efficiency Fundamentals (Opening Spring 2017) – engaging and interactive exhibit on basic building typologies and building systems that effect energy performance, highlighting areas ripe for energy savings retrofits and best practices

BEEx projects verify building efficiency technology through monitored demonstration projects that explore key concepts and cutting-edge technology:

  • Daylight Hours – a global social media campaign designed to raise awareness about the availability and benefits of daylight by encouraging offices around the world to turn off their lights in day-lit spaces for one hour on the closest Friday to the summer solstice.
  • Living Lab Demonstration Project – Installed and monitored the process and energy savings from advanced lighting controls retrofit in occupied class A commercial space.

For more information, visit Building Energy Exchange.

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