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Other Initiatives
Photo Credit: NYCEDC
Other Initiatives

New York City's goals for green buildings and energy efficiency cannot be achieved by regulations alone. Fortunately, there are a number of resources for the building industry such as training and financing. The City is also working with private-sector partners to provide a variety of diverse and innovative ways to assist varying needs that arise from the complexity of individual buildings and the overall industry. These range from public education and technical tools to competitive challenges and volunteering opportunities.

Energy Aligned Clause
The Energy Aligned Clause (EAC) is innovative lease language that allows building owners and tenants to share the costs and benefits of retrofit investments. More information is available about EAC, including a financial model and updates on outreach efforts.

Building Energy Exchange
Building Energy Exchange is an educational center dedicated to providing information resources on energy-efficient lighting, such as classes and training, design consultations, lighting displays and mock-ups, and rebate and incentive information.

GreeNYC is the public outreach arm of OneNYC, created to educate and engage New Yorkers in reducing their environmental impact through simple, individual changes. Headed by Birdie the mascot, GreeNYC delivers strategic, action-orientated messaging in GreeNYC's multimedia campaigns and appears at events throughout the city.

NYC °Cool Roofs
NYC °Cool Roofs is an NYC Service initiative that promotes and facilitates the cooling of rooftops with white, reflective coating surfaces. Since 2010, NYC °Cool Roofs has engaged more than 2,000 volunteers who have coated more than 2 million square feet of rooftop throughout the city.
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