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Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing Systems (METS)
Photo Credit: DOB
Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing Systems (METS)

To advance innovation in green technology, the New York City Council and the Bloomberg administration have partnered with green tech companies through the Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing System (METS) program. The City invited these companies to beta test their green technology products in municipal facilities to demonstrate their ability to improve the environmental performance in buildings and to reduce costs. Beta testing gives the City an opportunity to green municipal buildings. It also provides companies with real world conditions for testing their products before selling them in the marketplace. METS is fostering an innovative environment that will attract new companies and bring jobs to New York City.

For more information, read the following press releases:

In State of the City Address, Speaker Quinn Delivers Outline for Job Creation and Economic Growth, February 18, 2010 (in PDF)

Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Council Member Michael Nelson Seek Candidates for New Clean-Tech Program, May 13, 2011

Speaker Quinn, Council Members, NYCHA and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services Launch Green Technology Pilot in City Buildings

In 2011 the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services issued a request for applications (RFA) for METS participants. Product companies were required to provide cost-effective improvements in the following areas:
  • Lighting
  • HVAC and lighting controls and sensors
  • Meters, sub-meters, and related measuring and monitoring software
  • HVAC and service hot water systems
  • Building management systems
  • Energy and plug load management systems
  • Renewable energy (e.g. solar PV, solar heating, wind geothermal)
  • Envelope technologies, including roof, wall, fenestration, foundation, and assembly systems
  • Clean distributed generation, including combined heat and power
  • Lab and fume hood technologies
  • Interior finishes and/or furnishings that reduce toxic indoor gases
  • Water efficiency, including recycling systems and uses
  • Storm water management in buildings and sites
  • Analytical tools and software

Recently, a panel of technical experts chosen by the City Council and the Bloomberg administration reviewed proposals and selected finalists based on competitive criteria including benefits and savings of projects, product viability, scalability, and job creation. Recently, the City matched four municipal sites with green tech companies, and is seeking placement for two additional projects. See the list of locations, companies and projects.

For periodic updates on METS, visit Innovative Technologies.

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