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About LL87

LL87 requires large buildings to audit, retro-commission, and submit information to the City. The audit and retro-commissioning information includes the following:
  • Basic team information
  • General building information
  • Existing equipment inventory
  • Energy end use breakdown
  • Energy conservation measures identified from the audit
  • Retro-commissioning measures

In alignment with annual benchmarking, these measures will work to optimize buildings' energy performance.

Read Local Law 87: Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning (in PDF)

Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning Rule
The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has published a rule to provide more details on how to perform energy audits and retro-commissioning to comply with LL87.

Read Local Law 87: Final Audits and Retro-commissioning Rule (in PDF)

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