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Environmental Purchasing Laws
Photo Credit: Jeff Goldberg, ESTO
Environmental Purchasing Laws

As New York City prepares for an anticipated growth of a million more new residents by 2030, the City is committed to procuring resources that protect human health and the environment. Following Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) standards, the City analyzes the health and environmental impact of goods and construction products before they are purchased. Standards include Energy Star ratings, maximum concentration and emission levels for chemicals, minimum post-consumer recovered material content, maximum water flow rates, etc. The list of covered good categories continues to grow over time as new environmentally friendly products become available.

EPP approved products are procured by City agencies through several means. General goods can be directly purchased or awarded by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) through Citywide requirement contracts. For products not captured through a DCAS requirement contract, City agencies can purchase goods and construction products with EPP specifications following the specifications found in the guidebooks NYC EPP Minimum Standards for Goods and NYC EPP Minimum Standards for Construction Products. The procurement of a good or construction product is exempt from EPP standards if the Green Building Standards (Local Law 86) applies to the project.

Learn more about EPP standards and the local laws behind them.
Learn more about additional local laws, which provide guidance for areas such as pesticide use and motor vehicles, and New York State and federal guidelines.
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