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New York City Loft Board

New York City building code requires that one or more permits be obtained before starting certain building construction work.  Once an application to do construction work has been approved, a contractor may apply for a building permit to begin the work.  For detailed information on the permit process see the New York City Department of Buildings'("DOB") Applications and Permits section, How to File an Application and Get a Permit on the DOB website.  The deadline for obtaining a building permit is posted on our website under the Code Compliance Timetable heading.

The Loft Law requires every IMD tenant, upon appropriate notice regarding the timing and scope of the work to be performed, to provide the owner reasonable access to their units so that the work necessary for legalization of the unit can be carried out.

Access also must be provided, again upon appropriate notice, to allow inspections and surveys of an IMD unit, as may be required for the purpose of legalization. 

Upon the failure of an IMD occupant to provide such access, the owner may apply to the Loft Board for an order directing the tenant to give the owner reasonable access to the unit.  Access applications will be processed via expedited procedures.  The failure of a tenant to comply with a Loft Board order regarding access shall be grounds for eviction of that occupant in a proceeding brought before a court of competent jurisdiction.

The Loft Board rules governing access issues are set forth in § 2-01(g) of the Loft Board rules.

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