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New York City Loft Board
Letters of No Objection

A Letter of No Objection (“LONO”) is required for all work to be done in interim multiple dwelling (“IMD”) buildings.  The New York City Department of Buildings ("DOB") requires a Loft Board Letter of No Objection for all proposed work in IMD buildings, whether the owner or a tenant proposes the work. To get a LONO from the Loft Board, an owner must be in compliance with all Loft Board rules. Specifically:

  1. the annual IMD registration must be current;
  2. all outstanding fines and fees must be paid (or an agreement for payment must have been executed and the owner must be in compliance with the agreement); and
  3. the owner must demonstrate that all reasonable and necessary steps are being taken to legalize the IMD units in the building.

In addition, if the building already has a final certificate of occupancy, the owner must submit all necessary filings to have the building removed from the Loft Board's jurisdiction before a Letter of No Objection will be issued.
The request for a Letter of No Objection also must be accompanied by:

  1. a request letter outlining the scope and location of the work proposed;
  2. a copy of the current month’s monthly report in accordance with §2-01.1(a)(1)(ii) of the Loft Board rules;
  1. a copy of the alteration application (PW-1) – the DOB Plan/Work Approval Application that has been submitted to DOB;
  2. a copy of the DOB objection sheet listing the only remaining DOB objections to be the requirement to obtain a LONO (Loft Board Certificate); and
  3. a stamped copy of the corresponding architectural drawings or plans with DOB bar codes, no larger than 14 inches wide by 17 inches long.

The Loft Board's staff may request additional information or documentation, as it deems necessary in its review of the LONO request. If the owner does not respond to the Loft Board staff's request within ten (10) calendar days of the request, the request for a LONO will be deemed to be withdrawn.

In addition, the Plan/Work Approval Application filed with DOB must indicate that the work proposed requires "no change in use, egress or occupancy."
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